By: Lindsay Hogg

First order of business: SWIMMING! I managed to jump in and loose my top. I had not been here for thirty minutes and I was already flashing people! Time to ease up on that rum punch!
On the topic of nudity, Lori (the bride) had a wave take out her legs causing her to do a face plant into the sand and when she stood up her top had also fallen down. Sucker!

After a few days of swimming and laying in the sun it was time for an adventure. About 30 of us took off on a jeep tour around the island. The drivers had about 8 cases of 24 beers and a couple bottles of rum. I am pretty sure with the amount of booze we consumed, they could have taken us anywhere; told us anything and we would not have known the difference, nor cared, because we were having a great time… $35 well spent!

Although I did apply SPF 50 numerous times, it was inevitable that I would get burnt. At least it will turn into a sweet tan after a few days of excruciating pain right? Even my scalp is burnt and it hurts to brush my hair… so I won’t. Deal with it South America!
Note to self: purchase a hat.

We also went on a boat excursion. Our boat driver told us that there were piranhas in the water. Whaa??? After seeing a couple people diving for pearls/clams we started to question these so called ‘piranhas’. Our translator (aka our friend Daisy) managed to get it out of the driver that there were no piranhas in the water, he just didn’t want us to stick our fingers in.

On another note, it seems that men like to yell from their car windows a lot here. My Spanish is minimal so I am not exactly sure what they are yelling, but I highly doubt it is something along the lines of “I hope you are having a nice day!” Either way, I will pretend they are yelling that, and have myself a nice day.

Drinks that are 80% booze = awesome
Sharing a room with Daisy = getting up early = grumpy Lindsay
Old men wearing speedos = gross