Around the World * Margarita Island, Venezuela: Last Burnt Days

By: Lindsay Hogg

After a day or two of keeping my burnt skin out of the sun, I have begun to heal. I can now make facial expressions without being in pain. My forehead and chest started peeling just in time for the wedding. Lucky me! Thankfully I was taking the wedding photos and my crusty burn was not captured on camera. Unfortunately I got ill later in the night and had to go to my room to lay down (no I was not really drunk, my stomach was just upset). Word on the street is that I missed a sweet party that included a lot of tequila and dancing. Boooerns!

On another note, I am sharing a room with Daisy and she thought it would be a good idea to take pictures in our room with the flash on at 7am. This obviously upset me. She then turned on the lights, followed by opening the blinds and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready. Why the blinds had to be open for this to occur is still unknown to me. I have informed her we are no longer friends though. Haha kidding… kinda.

Next few days were spent attending carnival, soaking up the sun, swimming and bargaining for jewelry on the beach. I also spent the majority of one day watching Dave play guns with the local children (Dave is 26 years old by the way).

It seems Porlamar airport is actually defined as the slowest airport in the world and may I add the HOTTEST! The National Guard goes through everyone’s bag before departure (I mean pull everything out of your luggage and rummage through it, not just sift through your carry on). A few people we were with also had their sandals sliced open and the guards go through your luggage again after you check it. I guess they decided it was appropriate to bust the zipper on my backpack to open it instead of the logical solution of zipping it open? Thank you Venezuela! My backpack also came back without my sleeping bag attached, not sure how that happened.

While waiting for our delayed flight, Daisy helped me practice my Spanish. But then we got in an argument because I didn’t care to know a word and she thought I should. Learning time then ended… stupid face Daisy….

Heading to Ecuador never worked out and I am on my way to Peru with a backpack full of dirty cloths. I have been up early and going to bed late almost every day and after I arrive at my hostel in Peru at 2am I will be sleeping in and doing laundry.

Written by Ross French