Would you go into debt to travel the world?

By: Lindsay Hogg

There are a lot of people who start out travelling with money they have saved up and then go into over draft or use your credit card towards the end of their trip when they start running out of money.

Coming home in debt can be both beneficial and problematic. Obviously the downside is that you come home owing money which will continue to grow interest until you can find a job and pay it all off. If you choose to do this be wise and cautious with your money. Don’t go crazy with your credit card just because you decided you would pay your debt later. Later comes faster than you realize.

Taking out a loan or saving money first are two totally different routes to take. Is that drive worth it? When people say there is no better time than now, do you go for it and worry about everything else later?
On one hand it is true and THERE IS no better time than now to experience the world. Sometimes you need to just pick up and leave, worrying about the consequences in the future. Saving up can sometimes take longer than paying off your loan because you just need to have that new ipod and so on. But if you work out a strict budget for saving, it can happen in no time!

If you decide to go into debt to travel, just be responsible about it. Have a plan as to how you are going to pay it back and don’t spend like crazy just because you have ‘magic money’.

Written by Ross French