By: Lindsay Hogg

The Sight See’er
Usually has a sweet camera and is seen walking around the city. Hitting up the museums, churches and architectural spots.

The Lazy Traveller
Often found in a hammock not doing much. Travels from hostel to hostel. Watches movies and checks their email all over the world.

The “What Other People are Doing” Traveller
Not much planning happens with this type of traveller. They can be found tagging along on outings heard about from other travellers. Generally up for whatever sounds good.

The Technological Traveller
Spends hours on their laptop and other tech savvy gear such as ipods, DVD player and cameras or camcorders. Attempts to document as much of their travels as possible.

The Outdoors Traveller
Carries a crap load of camping gear that you can see hanging from their travel backpack. Canoeing, kayaking, hiking and biking are in this travellers daily activities.

The TRUE Advertur’ee
This traveller is extreme. From white water rafting, bungee jumping and sky diving to all sorts of dangerous, high adrenaline sports and activities.