By: Lindsay Hogg

Turns out I may be famous and not only in my mind! Check out the Vagabonding case study on my travels:
By: Ted Beatie

Just shortly after the disaster in Haiti, Chile has been hit by a life altering earthquake, one of history’s most severe. I will reiterate what I have stated before in Travel News: We can not stop helping, there are people worldwide that are not as fortunate as us. Let’s do what we can.
Chile scrambles to distribute aid, quell disorder
By: Patrick J. McDonnell and Tracy Wilkinson–chile-scrambles-to-distribute-aid-quell-disorder

Other News!
Make Your Beer and Drink It, Too? Yes Please!
By: John Holl

We have all had a travel disappointment in one way or another. Everyone can relate to 20’s Travel article about a less than nice new year’s eve in Times Square.
By: Steph

What is your Biggest Travel Disappointment?

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