I was really excited driving into Arequipa on the bus, the landscape was absolutely breath taking. Unfortunately I was unable to actually get out of the city and go see it. I accidentally drank some tap water and was extremely stomach ill for the last few days when I was planning to see the canyon, but I could not do ANYTHING! Els and I went to see some sights in the city centre the first day we got there (museums and such). Everyone said the city itself was very beautiful, but we found it quite dull.

I think we may have been expecting the Point Hostel there to be just like Lima and nothing could live up to that pressure. There was a odd vibe in the hostel or city which didn’t sit well with a few of us – like a black cloud over our heads. Thus, when Els got back from hiking the Canyon we booked it out of there and headed to Cusco.
Due to my illness, Arequipa was very uneventful for me. I did manage to get my ipod stolen though… YAY!