Help The Traveller World Guide create a comprehensive list of goals to accomplish while travelling.

THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL BUCKET LIST will be put together by submissions from YOU!
It will be used to help other travellers, who feel lost, find direction by giving these readers the ability to pick and choose goals – making their own, more personalized travel bucket list.

All you need to do is email your travel goals/bucket list to
Share the craziest travel goals to the most tame, don’t be shy!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Emails must include your name, blog link and twitter name (if applicable).

Helpful tips on HOW to make a travel bucket list:

1. Figure out what you like to do (ie, adventure, food, art and culture etc) – and choose things to accomplish under your preferred categories.
2. Although you will want to prioritize according to what you enjoy, pushing your boundaries can be key to making the most of your list.
3. Ask yourself why you want to achieve each goal.

Emails will no longer be accepted after Sunday, October 17th, 2010.

The Traveller World Guide may pick and choose goals from submission lists.
Not all lists will be chosen for publish.
Thank you.