Hey Stupid! Pack Smart!
By: Margyle

How many times have you went on vacation and there were things in your bag you never took out? Probably every time, right? Regardless of how seasoned a traveler you are, you will always make this mistake, but maybe with some planning it’ll be less so. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could go on a vacation with only your carry on luggage, so while everyone else is waiting like suckers for the conveyor belt to start moving, you’re off to your destination, hammering out the awesome right away?

With air travel today, you never know what is going to be restricted or what fees airlines are going to impose on you, seemingly at the drop of a hat. For all you know, the rules could change while you’re on vacation, making the trip home stupidly stressful. Every trip is different so there is no blanket advice on what is needed and what isn’t, but here are some pointers to make sure you aren’t the schmuck who brings everything they own with them.

1. A Week or Three?
First thing you should always do is figure out how many days you are going to be away for and that should dictate the size of bag you bring. Less than a week? You can probably get away with one small checked bag of luggage, or if you’re good, only your carry on. There really isn’t any reason you should need more than one bag of luggage for a vacation – if you do, you’ve over packed.

2. Plan Out Your Time
Now that you know how long you are going for you can decide what you’re going to use on what day. Going hiking? Laying on the beach? Eating out at fancy restaurants? You’ll need clothing and gear appropriate for those activities – and nothing else.

3. Nomadic or Stationary?
If you are going to be moving around a lot without a base, which usually happens on longer vacations, you need to consider how mobile you will be. Some people have all their transportation arrangements made prior to departure, but what happens if your flight gets cancelled and you’re taking a bus with limited cargo room? Would you be okay with leaving some of your things behind? It is in your best interest to have as few bags as possible so you can be ready to go in a flash.
Staying in one place? That doesn’t mean you can be a pack rat. The fewer things you bring, the less chance there is for something to get lost, stolen, or get in your way. All that extra baggage can really weigh you down.

It’s hard to know what is right to bring if you are new to traveling or if you’ve never been to your destination before. But you don’t need more 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants or 5 shirts. You’re on vacation – nobody cares if you wear the same thing a few days in a row. Buy new clothes or wash your old ones, smelly.

Here’s something for the ladies. If you wear make-up, bring some, not all of it. Don’t know what you’ll want to wear two weeks from now? Use your imagination and plan outfits. Nobody likes to travel with someone who is high maintenance and chances are you don’t enjoy the stress that comes along with too many choices, so do yourself a favour and limit your options.

Everyone over packs clothes because you never know what you might need. Well, yes, you never do know what could happen but you have a pretty good idea what will happen, so you might as well plan for that rather than the unknown. It will save you a lot of stress and you’ll be the envy of all the lame over packers. If you find you need something you didn’t bring, just let it slide. You’re on vacation, but if you’re looking for practical luggage then click here for quality cabin bags. Don’t be that person who packed stupidly AND brought the wrong bag in the cabin!