love_beerBy: Lindsay Hogg

I LIKE BEER… no, no wait…
I LOVE BEER… and most alcoholic beverages.

So why don’t I write about what I love more often?
I mean, Nomadic Matt wasn’t kidding when he said CHOOSE A NICHE – write about something you know about. And I thought, ya, ya… I’ll write about EVERYTHING! My site will be soooo comprehensive! Stupid Lindsay… really stupid.

I go on the tours and hit up hot spots along the road, but what I’m REALLY good at, is partying. Thus, The Traveller World Guide is taking a turn towards nightlife abroad. Why haven’t I been telling readers about the amazing bars, restaurants and nightlife I’ve been experiencing in the past 10 months? Because I’m an asshole, and I’m sorry… I won’t do it again!

On another note, I’m not a great writer, there are so many blogs out there that wow readers with their ‘voluptuous’ and descriptive story telling skills. I tend to say it like it is, and be done with it. I’m not going to explain to you how lush the landscape on my hike was, I will put up a picture from the hike and let you figure that one out on your own.
I don’t want to spend my free time taking an online writing course, I want to spend my time taking an online Spanish course, so I can do more than order a beer when I travel in Latin America. And by ‘do more than order a beer’, I mean, have a conversation in Spanish with the bartender so I can hopefully get some free beer.

Anyways, back on topic, this post is to inform readers of the new ‘World Party’ column. I will be telling you about my drunken experiences (the G-rated ones) and informing readers of the best party countries, cities and bars to hit up while your travelling around the world.

High Five and WELCOME to the brand-spankin-new, topped with awesomesauce ‘World Party’ column. I will start posting some award winning articles as soon as I finish this beer… or this case of beer, and maybe have a beer induced nap first.