Appalled at You Travellers!

This rant has been brought to you by Lindsay Hogg. You’re welcome.

Just to be clear, this post is not directed towards any travel blogger or post in particular. It has been written for months and has been in the back of my mind since I started reading blogs, but I feel it is now time to share it.

Your blog is a good place to vent. About the people, places and things that annoy you. But sometimes people just need to chill out. What I’m getting at, is the ‘types of backpacker’ judgements. How going to a resort is not ‘real’ travel. That backpackers who just drink their way through countries aren’t ‘doing it right’. My opinion? WHO CARES?



Me as a backpacker? Ya I’ll spend a week partying every night and sleeping all day. See a few things and move on. Ya I DO other stuff. Ya I DO immense myself in the culture and make local friends. For Christ sakes, I got arrested because I was hanging out with some crazy locals at their home. And you know where I met them? AT A BAR…. wait for it… while I was with OTHER TRAVELLERS! Oh no!

I have a great time dipping in both worlds.


Boobs Are Fun Too!

I understand when people don’t like specific hostels or a cliched type of backpacker or traveller. People are annoying. People annoy me all the time.  As you may have read on here, I don’t like travel mooches. But seriously, I don’t care if you’re more travelled or know more about a specific culture than others. Woo-f&^%ing-Whoo for you. People don’t have to travel to the most remote spots on earth to be a true backpacker. Don’t tell me I’m not ‘doing travel right’ because I spend too much time drinking, with other travellers, or seeing touristy things. I do the remote spots and hang out with locals too – but even if I didn’t, WHO CARES?

You’re not my mom and you don’t know what’s best for me.


Look at this asshole, he’s SO happy drinking his beer. Just leave him be!

If someone thinks the best time of their life is getting wasted in a hostel bar, passing out in a hammock,then doing it all over again the next day… kudos to them. Are they enjoying themselves? Yes? Then leave them alone.

As travel bloggers, aren’t we supposed to encourage ANY sort of travel? Aren’t we supposed to be the most open minded? Why bloggers gotta be hatin?

Stop your whining and go hug a drunk/ gap year/ lazy traveller.

This is not a game of ‘who’s the better traveller’. It’s people’s lives and they will do what they enjoy, lay off them! Accept people and places for what they are.