Interviewer and ARTIST – Lindsay Hogg, Hogga, Hoggerton


Firstly, please introduce yourself and your blog in your own words. Here are some ideas for an interesting description:
Who are you? Why did your parents name you that? Why do you like bacon so much? What is you’re favorite dance move to bust? Have you ever been cow tipping? Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

  • I’m Ayngelina, yes there is a Y in my name. It’s silent. I was not named after Ayn Rand but the Y was incorporated for my mother’s childhood best friend Anne who grew tired of such a plain name and changed in to Ayn.
  • The biggest secret of my blog is that I actually don’t like bacon on its own, especially if it’s really crispy. My favourite pig product is prosciutto, which I used profusely in cooking but let’s face it – Prosciutto is Magic is a pretentious blog name.

1. Do you have any obscure items in your backpack? Do share… (Mine is clean cloths, very rare)

  • I have a back-up Canadian flag patch just in case someone vandalizes my backpack and rips off the front and back one. I must have the world know that I am Canadian.

2. If you could drink tequila with anyone from the Jersey Shore, who would it be? Explain.

  • Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure and I download it on the road. It would be so hard to choose. Definitely not Sammi or Ronnie because they are boring drunks.
  • I’d have to say Snookie, when they show people at the bar she seems like she’s having the most fun – or at least she’s the most drunk. Either way it would be a good time. Plus I’m pretty sure I’m taller than her so if she got too rowdy I could take her out.

3. Is there an animal you are most afraid of? Would it ever hold you back from an experience? (Ex, I’m afraid of leprechauns, so I refuse to go to Ireland, or eat Lucky Charms)

  • I’m not afraid of animals, that’s for pansies  but I’m petrified of touching unfinished wood. You know like on popsicle sticks. I have to hold the stick with a napkin and then it’s a delicate balance of trying to eat all of a creamsicle without licking the stick. If my tongue touches the stick my day is ruined.

4. Are we friends? Why or why not?

  • We are friends but you are on probation. I have been harassing you about your blog header for over a month now. I need my friends to be submissive to me and have them do whatever I want. I’m a bossy girl.

5. Your hair is nice. How do you maintain it on the road? Please explain in detail.

  • It’s usually washed, sometimes brushed – but not often.

6. Do you like sweet high fives? I do. What’s your most memorable high five?

  • High fives make me anxious, it’s so easy to let people know you aren’t as cool as you pretend to be by missing their hand.  Sure it would be awesome to have a moment like Maverick and Goose but never had one. I avoid them at all costs.

7. If you could pick ONE person from your ‘home’ life to show the world too, who would it be and whyza? (I would pick my cat BoBo)

  • My sister Ryan (yep my family likes unique names) because she’s the only person I could stand after one day. We can have explosive screaming fights where we call each other selfish mofo and ten minutes later go to the mall to make fun of people. You need that in a fellow traveler.

8. If you were a Spice Girl, which spice would you be and why?

  • Posh doesn’t eat so I can’t be her. Baby is ridiculous, Geri is too spicy for my boringness, I guess I have to go with Sporty – maybe appropriate because I do play soccer. But only if she drinks too much and hasn’t learned moderation.

9. Have you ever fallen in love while travelling? (With a person, not a place so don’t be a smart ass. And no, you can’t say me, sorry)

  • Nope. I’m a cruel realist and in my head I know it will never work out so I don’t go there. I’ve had one night, three days and one month boyfriends but I knew they weren’t going anywhere.
  • I’m optimistic though, it could happen – it better happen!

10. What do you like better? Hands or feet? (I like both. But you can’t choose both)

  • Hands for sure. It makes me really angry when people touch the bottom of my feet almost to the point that I find pedicures unbearable. Although my feet would be a mess without them.

11. Are you really a racist? Do you actually hate the Irish? (It’s okay, I’m racist against chipmunks. They think they’re soooo cute! And then they won’t let me pet them… teases!)

  • No not at all. My last name is Brogan,  you can’t get any more Irish than that. I think English food, other than fish and chips sucks, maybe that makes me a tiny bit racist but seriously why would anyone think mushy peas are good.

12. If you could re-name yourself, what would your name be? (Mine would be Captin AwesomePants MagicMagnum Face – You see, I put two cool words together to make new hybrid names, try it!)

  • I’d never change my name. Too stubborn and unimaginative to think of something better. What would you call me?

FAIL. I already named you Baconator…


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It’s baconrific!