Guest Post

sunsetTime seems to move more and more quickly with every year, and startlingly, we are already well into the month of June, which of course means that we have entered that period of time where we try to convince ourselves here in Britain that it is Summer time! We might get the odd warm day here and there, we might even feel the glow of the sun on our backs, and it is almost enough to persuade you that we live in a relatively warm country. And then it rains. And it continues to rain until we can’t quite believe that it is still raining! Such is the traditional British summer. Of course, this is tempered somewhat by our understanding of what our summer is likely to be like, and most people do something about it ñ namely go abroad.

At the moment finances are tight for a lot of people, and a trip abroad is not a possible option for a lot of people, but even some of the people who really feel that they can’t afford to get away this year could be talking themselves out of a great holiday. Although things are tight, it does not mean that there aren’t opportunities out there.

What you have to do is to find the places that are still affordable, and there are plenty of places that still match that description. As has always been the way,it is still perfectly possible to get a nice holiday in the South of Spain. You are almost guaranteed sunny warm weather, and it is still as cheap as chips once you get down there. Because of its relative close proximity to England, the flights are affordable, and a meal and a drink will cost you nothing in comparison to Britain.

Of course, there are some people out there who may well think to themselves that they have been travelling to Spain on their holidays for years and years, and they want something a little more interesting. There is another option which is a lot closer than you might imagine.

Portugal is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination, and it is almost as cheap to visit as Spain is. If you start to investigate the country, you will find that it is a remarkable place, which is renowned for giving its guests a warm and friendly welcome. The climate as you would expect is similar to neighbouring Spain, as is the food and culture, but if anything, it is even a little more laid back that the aforementioned.

The way to find the most affordable holidays in Portugal is to source the individual parts of the holiday yourself. Don’t go for a package deal at any cost. Simply search online for Hotels in Portugal and you should come across some absolute bargains. You will find some of the most delightful places to stay, and it really shouldn’t cost you much more than it would to stay in a similar standard place in Spain. You will be able to find similar deals for independent flights, and this means that you save money on the whole of your holiday.