Guest Post

An Archipelago of ten uniquely beautiful islands is ready to be explored and have its vast grandeur uncovered. Lying just off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde has been one of Africa’s best kept secrets and been long awaiting discovery. Although all ten islands hold a distinct mystical and historical allure they all ooze with an exclusive charm, cultural heritage and varied landscape. Whilst the islands are best known for their endless white sand beaches and refreshing crystal waters, Cape Verde is still a destination for the colourful connoisseur. Whether you’re an intrepid hiker , die-hard action man, history boffin, sun goddess or an easy Eddie type of character, Cape Verde has more than enough to impress any of its visitors.

Containing a remarkable profusion of landscapes, you could find yourself tackling volcanic peaks one day, Maio’s barren flats the next and, if you have time, the vast lush valleys of Santo Antao. If you’re hungry for action, Sao Vincente is a dusty, mountainous island that is filled with magnificent views, jagged volcanic structures, jaw-dropping ravines and some of the most impressive sites you’ll visit throughout your stay. Although you’ll be sure to face precarious roads and dangerous tracks it’s all part of the action!  Your trip would certainly not be complete without visiting Santiago. Spend some time exploring the Capital Praia and wandering through the old Capital Cidade Valha. Adding a little variation to your dare-devil activity and providing a little relaxation you can envelop yourself in the islands lush green valleys and thriving plantations. However, if you’re still looking for more exciting activity, you’d best be heading to the ultimate peak of Fogo. Although it’s also best known for its production of stunning wines….(so make sure you try a glass or two), there are plenty of walks and challenging peaks to conquer.

If you’re searching for a rich blend of holiday experiences you’d be embarking on the right trip if you visit these tremendous territories. Apart from the beautiful scenery you’ll discover whilst exploring, the colonial style towns like Ribeira Grande and Mindelo are bursting with energy and excitement. Whilst the islands’ towns have a cultural mix of their two nearest neighbours, Brazil and Senegal, you’ll be amidst an atmosphere that is brimming with a fusion of foot tapping tribal African, sensual Samba and scintillating Salsa. This, combined with roaming through the charming colonial style architectural structures, historical landmarks and partaking in local traditions will serve in providing a truly spectacular trip. Santiago is home to Sao Vicente, which holds some of the most stunning beaches found dotted on the archipelago. Head to Sao Pedro or the more deserted and relaxing sands and dunes of Santa Luzia. After a day spent lolling on the coast or drenching yourself in the refreshing crystalized ocean waters, you can head into the heart of the villages to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of luxurious restaurants, sophisticated bars and charming live music.

Every island is worth visiting and exploring. Making an ideal summer escape and also an appealing winter sun destination, the islands are blessed with tropical weather and brilliant sunshine all year round. Highly convenient and hassle free, the islands are only a meagre six hour flight from Heathrow and Gatwick. With exclusive and luxurious Cape Verde hotels, social arenas and plenteous activity scattered throughout the island, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the vast splendours that will enrapture you throughout your stay.