I Hate Airports

By: Hogga

Maybe I’m not travelled enough, but airports still stress me out. There was a point on my around the world trip that I began to feel more comfortable in them. Maybe a little too comfortable, because I ended up missing my flight. I went to the wrong terminal and although they called my name of the PA system, I had my headphones on so I didn’t hear them, oops! Did I mention I had already spent 10 hours at that airport on a layover? I might have cried a bit and yelled at some people that day.

To be honest, I’m not afraid of planes at all, I’m afraid of missing them or something going wrong before/after the flight itself. I have always been this way and missing a few flights only enhanced my anxiety. Thus, I’m always super early to the airport, pacing around to kill time and flights become day long escapades. Recently, I was advised to start using Airport Parking instead of mooching rides or paying crazy money for cabs (I’m an hour away from the airport without traffic). I think my friends and family are fed up with me and my pre-flight anxiety because they suggestion this. I guess I’m ‘not a nice Hogga’ when I’m stressed out.

Being a backpacker, I’m usually flying to far destinations for long periods of time. I believe this contributes to my hate for airports. Either I’ve been preparing to leave for weeks or I’ve been on the road for a long time and am a littler over-tired. I’m far more relaxed when flying from Toronto to visit my family in Boston or Florida. The flights are short and if I miss it, there’s usually another flight shortly after. It would still suck to miss the flight, but at least the ‘water works’ don’t come pouring down. Missing a flight to South America and having to wait a whole day for the next flight is what gets me far more emotional. Also, flying home usually makes me more sensitive, because I’m sad to be leaving exciting destinations. Even more than this, I just want to get back to Canada, have a decent shower and stuff my face with delicious pizza.

I’ve never parked my car while I fly though and don’t know anyone else who has other then my friend in England who uses Gatwick Airport Parking, but that’s fairly useless to me. He likes being on his own time and having his car there when he gets off his flight which I can understand.

Even when I take taxis to the airport they tend to be late and it freaks me out, I don’t trust them like I do a friend of family member. This could be an anxiety of having to depend on others as well. I’m sure none of you would be surprised to know that I might be a tiny bit of a control freak. The last two times I was flying home, I either missed my flight or it was really late. This left my poor friend Dan waiting for hours at the airport.

Written by Ross French