By: Lindsay Hogg

While travelling I wasn’t always awake in time for the typical ‘free coffee and breakfast” in hostels. I never cared much about the stale bread they put out, but they seemed quite annoyed when I would  get up 30 minutes after breakfast ended and order coffee.

Alas, at home, I have an unlimited amount of coffee and I can drink it whenever I mutha fucking want! The downside to this is that I now have people constantly yapping at me from the minute I wake up until my first cup of java is done.


I’m gonna start waking up at 6am so I can ask those assholes shit loads of stupid questions before they’ve had coffee. WORD.

I also love driving and having my car which allows me to escape whenever I want. I drive around aimlessly, often with friends and coffee just to get away for a while. I usually need to get away because someone asked me a stupid question while I was trying to have my morning coffee… hint HINT.

No seriously, I don’t do drugs.


As I mentioned in PART 1. I love pizza. So it may come as a shock to you that I also love vegetables (yes, I said it you silly bastards) I. LOVE. Vegetables! And they are not easy to come by while travelling, which makes me a sad panda.

For the record, I love all vegetables but onions, because onions are Satan’s fruit. (That didn’t make sense, but I’m just trying to emphasize how much I hate onions). I don’t even know if Satan eats fruit? Does he? I have a friend who has a beard like Jebus…

BLAH onions.

This superific post is the second to an ongoing series of things I love about home. PART 1 did so well and made me feel like such a non-failure that I started a whole website with poorly drawn, random comics. If you don’t suck, check it out. Fine, even people who suck can check it out… I’m feeling generous today. You’re welcome.


AND lastly, some more shameless promotion, like ChickenChunk on facebook and I won’t send my pimp to your house to steal all your toilet paper and have sex with your refrigerator.