beerNot all cottages have boats or quads to ride around on and sometimes you need to improvise entertainment while out in the wild. My idea of going to Grasmere cottages or camping is spending lots of time swimming, barbecuing and sitting by a campfire at night. Oh, and beer.

To increase activity after 100 hamburgers and sausages we’ve eaten all day, my friends and I usually play drinking games while at the cottage. Here are my top 3 favorites:

Flip Cup
What you will need: A flat table, plastic cups, beer/booze

  • Pick two teams of an equal body count, (sometimes we play girls against boys which is fun).
  • Each team lines up on opposite sides of the table and fill your plastic cup at least half way with whatever you’re drinking. I recommend beer because it’s the easiest to chug.
  • The game will start with two opposing players across from each other at the right end of the table.
  • Their objective is to drink whatever is in their cup and place it right side up on the edge of the table. Using their fingers they must flip the cup so that it lands face down on the table.
  • Players may only touch the bottom of the cup to flip it; the sides and top can not be touched.
  • Once one of the players has completed this task, the next person in line on their team must complete the same task. The team who has flipped all cups first wins.

Beer Frisbee
What you will need: drinks, 2 empty beer bottles, 2 ski poles or some other sort of pole, 1-2 frisbees

  • Place your two poles firmly in the ground facing each other about 5 meters apart and balance an empty beer bottle on top of each pole.
  • One person stands at each pole facing each other. The objective is to knock the beer bottle off the opposing teams pole either by hitting it with the frisbee or slipping your opponent up.
  • You must hold a drink in your hand without spilling it as you throw the frisbee trying to take down the opposing teams beer bottle and catch the frisbee, keeping it and yourself from knocking over your own bottle.

I Never
What you will need: drinks, campfire and a hand with five fingers
(Okay you don’t really need a campfire, but everything is better with a campfire!)

  • Sit in a circle and raise one hand, holding up all five fingers.
  • Choose one person to start and then take turns saying an “I never…” going clockwise until someone looses.
  • An “I never” is something you want to embarrass your friends for doing. For example, you could say “I’ve never had sex in a room while other people were sleeping in it”. Anyone in the circle who has done this, must put one finger down.
  • The first person who ends up with no fingers left standing is the loser and must drink.