By: Hogga

Prior to my around the world trip, while looking for ways to make money traveling, I actually found and became even more inspired and determined as a person. People travel for a living? And make money off writing about it?
*Brain Explosion*
So, before I left on my trip, I started a travel blog.

I was moving so fast on the road that I hardly updated my blog within the first four months. (Well that and when I wasn’t moving fast, I was busy napping in a hammock, milking my hangover).

So as I plan for my next trip, I’ve been going over the benefits of staying in one place:

  • I can cook my own food – I know trying the local food is all part of travelling, but sometimes you just want to cook you’re own meal and in many places this can help you save money.
  • Which leads me to saving money! I won’t spend as much on accommodation or transportation if I stay in a specific destination. I will still travel around the country while I’m there, but no more expensive flights or horrendously long bus rides (hopefully).
  • I’ll have a hub to leave all my crap. When I do go for trips to different areas of the country, I won’t have to lug all my shit with me.
  • I will become a regular at the local bar and it will be like Cheers, only on a beach with hot, tanned dudes everywhere.
  • I can continue my Spanish lessons – I know I can practice my Spanish while travelling or continue learning online through video/audio, but I’m not disciplined enough for that. I would love to be able to continue learning, while practicing in my next destination.
  • No more burn out. When I get to the point I don’t want to see anything or talk to people, I know I’ve been on the road too long and moving too fast. Staying in one exciting destination will allow me to keep my spirits up.
  • It will be easier for me to keep up with my writing and working out.

At this point you probably want to know where I’m thinking of going, but I’m not going to tell you until I have everything in order and my plane ticket booked. This time around I need to be more organized and have an apartment to come back to in Toronto for weddings and fun camping adventures I must attend this summer.
*If I’ve discussed my possible destination with you, don’t ruin it for everyone else asshole!