Interesting Facts About Barcelona

We usually don’t think about random facts in reference to a destination before we head there, but they are so entertaining that it has become a ritual for me. I’m sure if you were staying at one of the apartments in Barcelona you can make a crap load of local friends by sharing your random knowledge with them. Or they will just think you’re weird and you will make NO FRIENDS. Take the chance!

  • Barcelona drivers are considered among the worst in the world. Approximately every 19 seconds there are accidents in the city. Holy shit! I guess that makes it safer to walk in the city rather than drive.
  • Adding to the above fact, large portions of the city are specifically for use of pedestrians. The total area adds up to about 260 football fields. Over 35% of trips taken by people around the city are walked or biked and not done by car.
  • Until 1992, Barcelona’s beaches were completely over run with industries. There was no sea side use for the city’s population. This changed due to the Olympic Games when Barcelona converted these industry area into one for leisure. It now contains beaches, hotels, restaurants and bars!
  • Portal de l’Angel is the most walked down street in Spain. Around 3500 people walk along this street every hour!
  • Although Spain is known for its flamenco dancing, it is not so popular in Barcelona. The Catalans here prefer their rock-n-roll scene.
  • Barcelona attracts over one million visitors every week. That’s a crap load of tourists!
  • The founding of Barcelona is disputed between two Spanish legends. One legend is that it was founded by Hercules, 400 years before the construction of Rome. The other legend is that the city was founded by Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal in the 3rd century BC.

Whether you’re just visiting or immersing yourself by staying in one of the Barcelona apartments, keep these wicked-cool facts about in mind, they may change the way you view this destination next time you’re there.

Written by Ross French