By: Hogga

Stress Relief
Vacay anyone? For those with high paced 9-5 jobs or children to take care of, getting away is stress relieving. Although I find short trips like that to make life a bit more stressful when you return, sometimes we need to leave our own country to relax. Taking a week off work and staying home doesn’t always relieve the stress as well as you will feel the need to do things around the house or run errands. When you’re on a beach in Mexico, you have nothing to do but walk to the little hut that’s serving margaritas. It’s paradise!

saigon_vietnamThe New and Exciting
Some peeps like to travel for the adventure. The type that get hot off culture shock, climbing the highest mountain in the world or simply experiencing something different. When I was younger I used to get butterflies in my stomach when I would visit Toronto from my hometown in suburbia. I don’t get that feeling when I go into the city anymore, but I do get it when I travel most places.

I know a few chefs and food critics that travel to try new and exotic foods as well as learn how to cook them. I also know a lot of people who just really like to eat. I still dream about some of the food I tried on the road, but unfortunately I never made any effort in learning how to cook the deliciousness.

Oh those selfless souls who spend the weeks they have off of work a year volunteering in far off countries. Some even travel for a living helping build homes or teaching English in underdeveloped countries. It’s a great way to meet locals and learn about the world directly and not just what you see on television.

From sports to history, some people travel to indulge in their hobbies. My parents used to travel in the winter so they could have somewhere to play golf. They enjoyed the golf courses in Sarasota, Florida so they bought a house there, which they live in through Canada’s winter. I wish they liked the golf courses in Hawaii, that would made for much more exciting trips when I visit them.