My Hungover Fishing Trip

By: Hogga


I agreed to go fishing with a few guys I met at the hostel in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Unfortunately, we were out super late the night before shotgunning beers and had to get up to board the boat at 9am. I was okay at first and fished for about 30 minutes until I started to crash.

I can handle boats for the most part, but there seems to a recurring theme of being hungover on them and that doesn’t go over well with my stomach. My hangovers usually consist of just being tired, but the minute I get on a boat, my tummy turns into a washing machine. fishing

Touching sardines to put on my hook didn’t help much either, BARF.

In my Spanglish I explained to our guide that I was very hungover and he made me a lovely bed out of life jackets. I slept for the rest of the trip while my man bitches caught dinner.
They did pretty good, we ended the trip with a bag full of 16 fish (none caught by me). We carried them into town and had a local restaurant cook the fish for us. I love seafood, but I’m not a big fan of fish. This may change as the tuna and snapper these guys caught was AMAZING.

It was well worth my hangover nap on the boat.


Written by Ross French