It is impossible to speak about this beautiful town, nestled in the north of Switzerland without mentioning the famous Matterhorn.  It is a stunning sight and well worth a visit, whether you’re going to Zermatt ski chalets in the winter or soaking up the hot rays in the summer.
Zermatt is Switzerland’s most visited ski resort, possible due to the amount of snowfall but what the town has to offer to tourists is key to its’ popularity.

Ski chalets in Zermatt

There is a lot of choice when deciding where to stay, from expensive, luxury apartments to the cheaper, traditional style chalets.  A studio apartment sleeping two can be as little as £540 for seven days, depending on the time of year and although Zermatt can be an expensive place to holiday, there are ways to enjoy staying there on a budget.  Opt for self-catering and it is possible to save a considerable amount.  Supermarkets, of which there are three, are within easy reach of the resort.  Some of the hostels in Zermatt look like traditional ski chalets from the outside and offer very cheap accommodation, with shared dormitories starting at around £27.00 per person per night and private rooms starting at £30.00.

Different Seasons in Zermatt

A popular summer activity is hiking.  There is approximately 250 miles of paths to walk through various landscapes from glaciers and lakes to forests.  Make sure you prepare properly by having the correct equipment such as sturdy walking boots.  For the experienced mountaineer, climbing the Matterhorn is an option but there are rules you must follow.  It is necessary to book at least two week sin advance and it is recommended that a guide is hired, even by the most experienced of climbers.  Insurance is also a must, which can be purchased locally from Air Zermatt.
For the less experienced, climbing the Matterhorn is seriously discouraged but there are smaller mountains to conquer and guided mountain tours to get the adrenalin going.

Switzerland is not a country most people associate with wines but the Swiss do produce dozens of palatable varieties and when visiting the Matterhorn glacier, wine buffs will be pleased to note that there are wine tasting sessions every Friday inside the cave.  A return trip costs approximately £40.00.  If this is not within your budget, it may be preferable to pay from just £18.00 to visit Schwarzsee Paradise, where there are several hiking trails and a lake.  For the more active – and something the children will enjoy – hire dirtscooters to tackle the trails!  Prices start for £35.00 for a family of four or for an extra £20.00, refreshments will be included.

Although the amount of places to ski reduce, skiing and snowboarding in this resort throughout the summer months is possible due to the altitude of their peaks.

Take a train from the BVZ station to Gornergrat, where you can sit on the terrace of the Kulmhotel, enjoying the vista of the Matterhorn.  This hotel offers traditional Swiss dishes at reasonable prices.

Do a little research if your budget is tight but here are plenty of things to do and many places to visit in Zermatt and you don’t have to pay a fortune to have a brilliant holiday.