Guest Post

BodrumOnce you have landed in Bodrum in Turkey, you may want to hit the beach.  Flights to Turkey, Bodrum can be pretty affordable and well worth the trip. Yes, the beach here is fabulous but full of tourists, so for some of you holiday, you may want to venture into the less known areas of this vibrant town.  There is so much to see here that it would be a great shame to just stay on the golden sands (even though they are some of the best).

Night lovers will adore the Bodrum Bar street.  During the day, it is quaint with small shops selling jewellery and sweets.  However, in the nighttime, the place comes alive with music and various bars – from rock to disco.  The smells of lamb and herbs will not be lost on the discerning customer. The lights here in the evening are splendid and reminiscent of Christmases spent with the family.  The atmosphere, spent between locals and tourists is fabulous, like there is an electricity is hanging in the air.  Who knows what may happen to further the adventure you have started on by landing in this Turkish of cities.    Turkish baths are very popular amongst natives and tourists but do try to have one, the experience is out of this world.  A woman will see to you every need from warming your towel to giving you a wonderful massage.  Much better than staying on the beach 24/7.

For a real adventure, hire a gutlet.  This is an old-fashioned Turkish fishing boat.  They are now adjusted so that more passengers can board but venturing on one of these will allow you to see many places such a blue caves.  Jut to smell the ocean without hundreds of tourists about is worth the effort.  Be aware though that many street companies charge more than if you book with the hotel.

Bodrum castle is well worth a visit.  Built in 1402, it is a true statement of Greek history.  It is a bit wrecked now but take in the atmosphere of the relic and imagine the past. This place was a time of trouble but also of romance. You will learn all about it on the trip. Sanding in the hot sun, feeling dreamy, this place is the perfect one to unwind and to feel that you are really away from home-which is what holidays are all about.

Of course, there are lots of water sports to take part in from snorkelling to diving.  The sea life that can be witnesses here is amazing, so if you are  partial to water, do have a go. I would suggest wearing sea shoes (those deep rubber plimsolls will be fine) as there are many fish not to be trodden on.  Lionfish and several shellfish when trodden on can be poisonous to humans.  Don’t worry too much as the instructors are quite good and will tell you everything about the wildlife in the sea.  Use your common sense when travelling beneath the sea and a wonderful time will be had.