Guest Post

pelicanYou have landed in Texas feeling hot and sticky as you head to one of the Port Aransas vacation rentals. You think the only thing this beautiful city can offer you is rodeo and the gourmet of Tex-Mex.  Well, frankly, you are wrong.  This enormous metropolis can offer so much more.  American history begins here and there is not a great deal of it compared to European countries but be patient… there is so much to learn about the USA in this city that you may even need a notebook.  The Port Aransas Museum will take you on a journey through the times of the Pioneers to the present.

Fishing plays a big part in the enjoyment of this city. Charter a boat if your budget allow and cook the catches you make.  There is nothing like tasting fish you have caught yourself.  The fishermen will even fillet the fish for you.
Golfing widows can send the men off to play whilst they go shopping.  Golf and shopping are big deals here o do not take it lightly.  The golf courses are some of the best in the USA and as for shopping… ‘Till you drop’ is the polite euphemism – just do it.  If you are not from the USA, prices are much cheaper than Western Europe so buy as much as you can.  Handbags that cost £100 will cost £40 here so snap up those bargains.  Have you even seen the golf courses here?  If you are not a golf person, they are still a sight to be seen – lush green hills and mounds rise and dip for miles – sit in the bar at the eighteenth hole if you are not convinced by this sporting beauty.

If you have a creative streak, take a trip to the Port Aransas Arts Centre, which incorporate the artwork of several local celebrities.  You will learn a thing or two about the local culture and that of the United States-which is beneficial in any culture.

If you have ‘sea legs’ try dolphin watching – one of the best activities in this place.  Couples, families and individuals can take part in this and maybe even get the chance to swim with these fantastic, magical creatures  It is one of the most wonderful experiences a human being can have so do it if you can.  The water is warm here with a cooler undercurrent, so you need the correct gear – do not go in a bikini or shorts unless you do not mind losing them.  The dolphins are friendly, but remember they are wild animals and do not care for expensive clothing!

The Port Aransas Museum is worth a visit.  It is a modern building, at lest it looks so but it is on the endangered list.   Do not stand under the tree out front if you do not like the sound of bees and the smell of pine.  What the place needs is more donations to keep it going, so please be generous.  If this building closes, a piece of American history will be lost.