By: Hogga

Out of boredom, I decided to see what people typed in Google to find their way to TheTraveller. Here’s the best of the outcome.


success baby (it’s true, I am a god)
i hate physics (??? I don’t even know what physics means?)
what are the bene fits of trevelling for the trevler (I must have spelled something wrong on my own blog, so I can’t really make fun of this person)
sexy south-american men (this does not surprise me at all, I just wish I had more images on my site for this person)
attitude baby pics (for serious?)
crazy woman (I never claimed to be sane)
don t like the feel of sand (haha, someone feels my pain)
ass hong kong
walk drunk roma (don’t look to me to teach you how to walk when you’re drunk, I fall down ALL the time)
johnny ward traveler girlfriend (what????)
bfn hfg h \ (that’s about right…)
the penis game (I really did explain this game in this post)
drunk man passed out
awesomesauce face (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that someone found my blog by Googling this)
guys i would go gay for
positive attitude babies
hard penis
orgasm tumblr
juniors naked
moose accident newfoundland
pee sand
i m drinking a bit now. (there is a period at the end of this sentence, this dude is serious about his drinking)
peeing in the middle of
desert sand jesus
how do u avoid political unrest (imagine it was Obama Googling this? HA!)
how much underwear should you have to be a minimalist (hahah I hope for other people’s sake they figure this one out)
ive never gonne to eaurope (probably because you can’t spell…)
flip flop with socks
lindsay canada travel costa rica liberia jesus blog (I associate my name with Jesus quite often as well…)
off road peeing
horse pee
matt kepnes gay (well this is awkward…)
site alcohol (HAHAHA… yes, alcohol is correct).
a sweet ass (you’ve come to the right place)
kangaroo scrotum bottle opener surfers paradise (send one of those my way when you find em)
being a woman (I can’t help you here)
super drunk person (meeeeeeee!!!!!!!)
how to hook up while traveling (get drunk and molest people)
traveler fucking outside (no comment)
i like to die (well this is depressing)
cute kisses (must have taken a wrong turn somewhere on Google)