Barcelona is known as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, if not the world is a beautiful place to visit. Historically established as a roman city, it’s has a long established reputation as one of the most incredible cities to have a good time! Staying in an apartment in Barcelona will leave you with a more private accommodation and walking distance to all the bars.

During the day, a vast amount of beaches and incredible culturally important locations are available to you. Combined with the wealth tourist-friendly places, you’re bound to end every single day with lasting memories. But once you return to your hotel room at the end of the day, worn out for a day’s trip, it’s then time to freshen up, unwind and prepare to head out and explore Barcelona’s vibrant and eclectic night life!

7 Sins Lounge

7 Sins Lounge

There’s something for everyone in Barcelona. Whether you want to party it up, or just relax with a few drinks.

The 4 Gats is an ideal place to head to. Decorated in pure Spaniard style, bringing you closer to the comforts Barcelona has to offer. For those who like to bathe in culture, The Gats is heavy into the arts. With famous artists such as Picasso frequenting the place in its 100 year history!

In the Eixample district, you’ll find the hard to miss 7 Sins Lounge. For those who wish to enjoy themselves in a more seductive and flirtatious setting, this lounge boasts an all-red interior that is hard to be indifferent to. There are delicious cocktails, a dance floor, lounging area and even a kitchen serving anything from local cuisine to a good old fashioned hamburger!

If a typical Catalan bas is what you’re after, Andu may be just what you’re looking for! This isn’t so much a place for wild nights out, but a more a place to experience the true Barcelona lifestyle. It is frequented more by the locals than by tourists. Here, you will get the honesty and authenticity you won’t find everywhere else. An inviting place as a whole, don’t be fooled by the homey feel; it serves some of the best food and strongest drinks in the city!

Aurora is as atypical as you get. Although almost effortlessly classy and refined, it’s also a very eclectic and unique place to be, attracting an artsy crowd from the surrounding region. You’ll find a peculiar décor embellished with a fun-loving Spanish crowd, embodying the party-loving attitude of a nation. Open till dawn on weekends, it’s a definite place to stop by before you leave.

For the epitome of all things modern and to truly bathe yourself in Barcelona’s most trendy crowd, head to the Bambu Lounge in the later hours of the evening. Set in the Gracia district, it has rapidly become well known for it’s oriental interior, relaxed atmosphere and chill out music for those who just want to relax. With its erotic ambiance and drinks that people come far and wide to have a taste of, this bar is a definite must have stop for all visitors to the city!