Welcome to Miami

I’ve flown over and into Miami more times that I can remember. Honestly, anytime someone even utters the name of this destination, the freshest of the fresh princes in the world echos in my mind, “Welcome to Miami…”

The second thing that my brain associated with Miami is Pitbull and Carnival celebrations. It has to be a pretty rad place with the amount of artists that sing about it. Thirdly, all the sexy people with smoking hot bods, palm trees and aqua blue beaches. I have had some of the best holidays in Florida visiting my parents though, which I associate with relaxing by the pool.


Miami Coast from My Plane

I even met LL Cool J on a flight from Miami. Although I’ve hit up Miami airport and taken pictures of it’s beautiful coastline from a plane, I’ve never actually explored the destination. Infact, I associate it with a few odd end pop culture aspects, but I really know nothing about Miami. So I decided to do a little bit of research and found out some funtastic facts about this place. The following can give me more of a reason to travel to Miami rather than being able to play a Will Smith song while I’m in the destination he’s singing about…

1. Miami used to be a hang out for pirates at sea (sexy, right?)
The would visit and bury their treasure. Gold and silver have been uncovered off land in the Miami area. Not just any pirates have hit up Miami, famous ones such as Blackbeard and Lafitte who made regular calls to the area. (I can’t help but make another pop culture reference… errr Pirates of The Caribbean anyone?).


What’s Up Blackbeard

2. Suntan lotion was invented by a Miami Beach pharmacist
Word up, Miami. In 1944 this dude made suntan lotion in a pot on the stove that belonged to his wife. My skin thanks him on a daily basis.

3. Far back, it was law that Miami citizens were not allowed to mimic animals
This could or could not be true, I was unable to confirm it, but I couldn’t help but include it in this list. Imagine that? Getting arrested because you barked like a dog. HA!

5. Miami is known for its wicked diving
This lovely destination has more than fifty wreck sites. This includes ships, army tanks, oil platforms and the Miami Boeing 727 jet which was sunk to create reefs for marine life. Although I have an abnormal fear of sharks, I have been diving before and seeing some of these wrecks would be super cool.

6. The first automated bank machine installed in Miami was made especially for rollerbladers
Fer serious, friends. This is the 100% truth, I did my research. People want to get cash and exercise at the same time! What could be better?

Well there you have it. My reasoning for going to Miami is no longer Will Smith, but to find me a sexy pirate husband, some homemade suntan lotion and rollerblade which cachinging some bills from a bank machine.

Written by Ross French