raftingAre you looking for activities abroad? A wild adventure that will drive your adrenalin to the brim? Then white water rafting and bungee jumping are the answers! White water rafting involves the use of a raft to navigate through a turbulent foamy river, the thrill of rushing down the steep gradient of the river at high speed riding over whirl pools, steering through highly constricted points and maneuvering through obstructions on the way leaves your heart thumping and your temperature rising. Bungee jumping on the other hand includes jumping from a high place with an elastic cord tied to your feet. The pleasure here is brought by the experience of free fall combined by the fear of heights, feeling your body cutting through air and then bopping up again into midair when the length of your cord is done leaving your adrenaline rushing and the excitement surmounting even to tears!

These ventures are only available in countries that have mighty rivers flowing through or high bridges/mountains to bungee off of.  These are our top 5 Countries for Activities Abroad:

1) Uganda
The great river Nile – the longest river in the world has its young stage in Uganda meaning that the greater length of the river is fast flowing and turbulent. The length of the river and speed of the waters through grade 4 and 5 rapids makes this one of the best rafting adventure sites. Again the river is also free of crocodiles making it safe for the experience. Here you can enjoy up to 48 kilometers of white water rafting resulting to a two day venture. Again, the deep canyons provide great heights for bungee jumping.

2) Zimbabwe or Zambia
The two countries share the Zambezi River at their border which is the fourth largest river in Africa, this means that you can access the river from either country. Though the Zambezi River passes many countries this is the stage where it is most suitable for rafting. With grade 5 rapids the rafting speed is undefeatable! The touring agencies here usually offer a one day remarkable white water rafting and bungee jumping package. You will also have the pleasure of seeing crocodiles on the river during your tour, but they are small crocs so don’t let them scare you away.

3) Canada, Ontario
The Ottawa River in Canada with its scenic beauty offers exciting adrenaline rush adventures. With its voluminous rapids the rafting adventure is wild and unforgettable; this is available on both channels of the rivers. Again a bungee jump of over 200 feet is available! And the river is safe.

4) Spain
River Noguera Pallaresa provides a 14km rafting adventure with grade 3 and 4 rapids that build up an exhilarating anticipation throughout the ride. It also offers a 25 meter bungee jump from the bridge extending the excitement in just one day!

5) Australia
Tully River situated in Queensland Australia offers an electrifying 5 hours of white water rafting between its deep and extremely curved canyons on various levels of rapids. Again the one day experience is crowned by a 50 meters bungee jump from a purposely built safe tower.

Try one or all of the above for a remarkable experiences!!