5 Interesting Places in Saudi Arabia

Guest Post.

Whether you want to ride around the dessert on dune buggies or go scuba diving in the Red Sea, you will be surprised at how many awesome things there are to do in Saudi Arabia. There are also a number of indoor amusement parks (so keep your eyes peeled) and who wouldn’t want to go on a camel ride?

Flights on Saudi Airlines are affordable and comfortable, and depending where you are in the world it may be a long flight, so comfort is key! Also remember that If you’re a visitor to Saudi Arabia, make sure you’re informed about the Visa entry requirements. No one wants to get all the way to a country, only to be turned away and have to go back home.


Before you hop on a flight to Saudi Arabia, take a look at some of the awesome places to see and things to do there:

1. Riyadh
Situated at the limestone plateau of the Njed, Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is full of architectural marvels as well as natural beauty. And did you know that the airport, with it’s bold name, King Khalifa International Airport is one of the largest international airports in the world!
Riyadh attracts travelers who want to see a wicked combination of tradition and modern age buildings, as the city has both modern sky scrapers as well as the traditional Arab houses with big lawns and walls surrounding them. Al-Bathaa  is the old city of Riiyadh, where you can see traditional Arab houses and find yourself close to the culture.

2. Jeddah
Located at the banks of the Red sea, Jeddah is the second largest and most visited place in Saudi Arabia. The city receives millions of visitors from around the world because it is considered the commercial capital of the Saudi Arab. Furthermore, Jeddah is the chief gateway to the Mecca, a religious place for Muslims.
312 meters high, King Fahd’s fountain made in the 1980s, is the major attraction for visitors to Jeddah and not to be missed. The fountain has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s highest water jet.
Lastly, Jeddah is a very popular destination for scuba diving in the Red Sea.

3. Buraydah
Located in the northern area of the Saudi Arab, Buraydh is the capital of the Al Qassim province. Buraydah has the typical climate of a desert that dry, extremely hot in the day, and cold in the night.
Buraydah is a popular destination because of it’s historical buildings that surround the city. Furthermore, the handicraft market of Buraydah makes it a perfect shopping destination for travelers.
Lastly, Buraydah offers desert excursions which could have you on the back of a camel or zooming around dune bashing all over the desert. Whatever tickles your fancy!

4. Medina
Medina is the second holiest place for Muslims, after the Mecca.
The city is surrounded by a 35 feet tall wall, which was made in the 12th century. It is said that a Muslim must visit the Medina once in his lifetime to neutralize all their sins.
One thing that should be known before travelling to Medina is that, as in Mecca, entrance to the Medina is restricted to Muslims only, non-muslims are not allowed to neither visit the city or travel through it.

5. Taif
Situated at the slope of Al- Sarawat Mountains, Taif is a beautiful city with both architecture and mountainous views. The city is also popular for the roses, grapes and the honey.

So if you are planning a trip to Saudi Arab, you must visit some of the cities listed, to make your trip, the most memorable vacation of your life.

Written by Ross French