Guest Post

flightIn today’s world where travel and leisure are considered as a key aspect of life, the issue of getting cheap airlines can come in handy whether you have limited money or you are simply looking for an opportunity to save on airfare. Currently, there are hundreds of airlines across the world so it would be difficult to compare all of them in this article. Consequently, only a handful of airlines will be compared herein. Furthermore, “cheap” is a relative term that may mean different things to different people based on factors such one’s financial empowerment. For the purposes of this article, therefore, cheap airlines will be used to refer to those airline companies that have low-cost airfares.

One of the most notable cheap airlines is Southwest Airlines. Compared to most airlines that do both domestic and international flying, this airline is considerably cheap and if you plan your flight early enough and go to their website, you can be assured of saving as much as $200. The problem, however, with this airline is that the tickets can only be obtained at their site. Also, for people taking long flights, it is advisable to carry your own meal since the airline only serves some snacks and a couple of drinks. Moreover, some of the airline’s fleets like the Boeing 737 have seats that are somewhat narrow thus making the flight a bit uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the flight attendants are quite friendly and comical so you can be sure to get good services from them on top of the cheap airfares from the company.

Another relatively cheap airline is the Easy Jet company. According to most researchers, the inter-corporation between Easy Jet and other airlines is the major reason behind the cost-effectiveness and the immense progress that the company has made over the recent years. Notably, this airline profits from selling snacks on air while traveling rather than offering it freely. This way, the company gets to generate extra income. The positive side of these sales is that the snacks and drinks sold while traveling are usually cheap and tax-free so their customers do not have to spend heavily on the foods. However, just like the Southwest airline, its flight mostly constitutes the Boeing 737 thus having the aforementioned problem of uncomfortable narrow seats.

A final airline worth taking note of is the JetBlue company. Unlike Easy Jet, Southwest and other cheap airlines; JetBlue has classy, spacey and luxurious seats, free satellite TV at the back of each seat, good food and professional attendants. Over the recent times, JetBlue has not only been able to increase its clientele base, but it has also bettered its services while maintaining its cheapness in terms of airfares. This, probably, is the reason it is considered by most people as one of the best cheap airlines across the world.

In conclusion, it is worth remarking that there are many other cheap flights depending on factors such as your destination, the airline’s ownership (private or public), the time of booking and the overall comfort of the flights, among many other factors. So, when considering the element of cheapness in flights, you should ensure that you take into account all these contributing factors.