Airlines normally advise people to arrive at the airport three hours before their flight takes off. Assuming that it will take you an hour to check, you will be left with two hours to sit and wait for the arrival of your plane. But what do you do after travelling all the way there, leaving your car at airport parking and going through the security? This period can bring excessive boredom especially if you’re early for your flight. The good news is that there are top 5 things to entertain you when waiting in the airport.


Instead of just sitting idle, consider visiting the gift shop. Gifts shops normally have a lot of fascinating things to see. You may purchase one or more items to take home as souvenirs. This comes in handy especially when you are about to leave an exotic place. You may purchase a unique painting or even an artifact to take home to your loved ones. If you love to read, buy magazines or an interesting book.

The next thing you can do while waiting for your flight to take off is to read an interesting book or a magazine. The airport provides you with a perfect chance to read peacefully without being interrupted. You ought to carry a book or a magazine from home if you cannot afford the inflated prices at the airport. Just don’t forget your reading material if you drive yourself to East Midlands Airport parking However, if you can afford it, take advantage of the wide variety of books available for sale at the airport. If you prefer movies over reading, bring your laptop and watch a movie of your choice while you wait.

Furthermore, you can get yourself something delicious to eat. Be sure to carry enough money with you as food prices at the airport tend to be very high. There are lots of good food and snacks you can try out. More often than not, airports contain several fast food joints, coffee shops and restaurants to satisfy your hunger.

Playing a game is another great way to keep you entertained at the airport. It is good to always keep a pack of cards with you so that you can play with your friends. This could be a perfect opportunity to meet new people by inviting other passengers to join in. Though some may be reluctant, a good number will be willing to join in the fun. You may also fill Sudoku and crossword puzzles. This will definitely jog your mind a bit and keep you entertained.

You may browse the internet while you are waiting. This is due to the fact that most airports offer Wi-Fi. Be on the look out because hackers may take advantage of the open Wi-Fi connection to access your personal information. Should you bring along your laptop, there are numerous things you will be able to do. To name but a few, you may watch a movie online, read informative articles and even visit travel websites to see what they have to offer. You may come up with other creative activities to carry out in addition to the above list of top 5 things to entertain you when waiting in the airport. Just remember that if you’ve driven yourself to somewhere like Newcastle Airport parking once you pass through security, you can’t go back to your car and leave any of the games or books you don’t want to travel with.