Learning How to Ski in Meribel

A family outing to Maribel will give you lifelong memories. With some great planning and substantial resources available, you are guaranteed a superb holiday. Meribel offers a vast network of rapid ski lifts and lush accommodation. France is the most preferred holiday destination when it comes down to skiing. It offers great skiing areas for both beginners and advanced. With a vast array of resorts, restaurants, ski rentals, shopping stores and many cultural events, Meribel stands out as one of the most attractive holiday destination.

When you set your mind to learning how to ski, you should first find a British ski school in Meribel. Do your research ahead of time before embarking on your vacation. On of the main factors to look for when learning how to ski is good instructors at reasonable rates. Learning how to ski requires determination and hard work hence within no time you will be able to swish the slopes with greater ease.


Skiing lessons in Meribel is highly recommended as the best instructors usually originate from this area. The ski lessons can either be offered in groups or privately. Private lessons are more costly though more satisfactory as you get to have a one on one session with the instructor. Double check the qualifications of your instructor to ensure you are in good hands.

Ensure that your kit is up to date and fully equipped with the right form of clothing and equipment. The clothing include trousers and jacket that are waterproof, good warm sock, thermals , layers, gloves, hats and goggles. For starters, begin by getting acquainted with the basic techniques. Ensure you get the appropriate skills before venturing into the slopes. Most ski lessons in Meribel begin with learning how to move around with the equipment, how to tread with the ski boots and the inclinations required when going downhill. For you to be able to scale the slopes, you need to be in top shape. There are certain exercises that aid you to obtain the perfect skiing shape. You may be required to do some runs hence being in shape is essential.

Your ski trip will also be fulfilling if you do not have setbacks as you will not tire easily.

The snow plow is the first maneuver you will probably be taught in the ski schools in Meribel. This is whereby the skis are used like a plow. You are also shown what to do to stop you movements and how to skillfully guide yourself with bent knees leaning in the direction you are heading. Learning how to ski in Meribel is not as hard as it seems. Once you have the basics at your fingertips, you are set. The next step is to mount on the ski lift and head to the mountains. Be sure to regulate your speed through snow plowing. You can begin at a slow pace then later pick up by drawing your skis back. With your first excursion, you have to go through a trail designated by your instructor. Once you perfect you’re skiing, the trails graduate to tougher levels.

With your level of skiing, you are able to know which terrain suites you, hence ski safely at your own level.

Written by Ross French