Playa de las Americas

Guest Post

Playa de las Americas… best served with Sun and Rum

It’s in mid clubbing season right now, with many groups of friends heading out to the likes of Zante, Ibiza and Crete. These destinations are popular for stag and hen dos, end of school and birthday parties. However, probably one of the most popular places to visit is Playas de Las Americas in Tenerife. Extremely tourist friendly with a great range of cheap restaurants and cafes to suit any taste, makes this a perfect place to consider if you are planning a clubbing holiday away with a group of friends.

A lot of travel agencies try and lure you into overpriced holiday deal packages, claiming that you are saving if you book with them. Sometimes this is the case, however to make sure you are really making a saving – it is worth in this case to book flights and accommodation separately. Especially around this time of year with increased demand, hostels and hotels try and squeeze as much money as they possibly can from your pockets. A way to go about saving money is to actually book private holiday accommodation, which can be conveniently found through Wimdu. We aren’t talking about cramped hostels here either but about real stylish apartments that you and a group of friends can rent out.  Just think – no annoying cleaners banging on your door in the morning while nursing that hangover from the night before.

Playa de las Americas is known as the party capital of Tenerife, as there are festivities constantly going on 24/7. If you are looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing, perhaps this is not the best holiday destination choice for you. If visiting the beach is one of your main priorities whilst on holiday, Playa de las Americas has some fabulous beaches for you to soak up some of those rays! Once the night comes though, be sure to head to the Patch, Veronicas and Starco Commercial Centre to witness the crazy party life in Tenerife.

Written by Ross French