Are Travellers Flaky People?

Bitch, what you be talking about Hogga? Are you calling me flaky, just because I travel?


Okay, maybe not all travelers are flaky, but I’m starting to think a lot of us long term ones have some issues with commitment. And perhaps flaky isn’t the right word, but we can be a few things: flighty, indecisive, slightly unreliable, commitment phoebes and so on.

I certainly know I am and don’t want to speak for a whole group of people, but the more I connect with other long term travellers, the more I have the same sort of conversation with them about not knowing what to do, where to go or what they want.

As people who live in the now, each day to the max, it begins to make us (I mean me, I will try not to speak for ALL travellers throughout this article) unable to commit and unable to make concrete decisions.

I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life as I was about quitting my job and backpacking around the world for a year about 3 years ago. (Ballsacs I’m getting old!). But now, I can’t decide where to go if my life depended on it. This has begun to seep into all aspects of my life. It’s no longer just a question of where to live, to travel or to settle for a bit.


It’s now a maximized flakiness in my daily life:
Should I date him? Do I really like him that much?
Should I go to party A or party B?
Do I want to watch TV of a movie? Shoes or boots?

Holy Shit Hogga!

Even if one of my friends ask me to dinner, I often can’t just say ‘YES’. I reply with a “maybe”. I’m terrified of committing to something and making the wrong decision because I remember how much work it was to sell everything in my apartment 3 years ago.

I’ve made a conscious effort to try and just ride the wave, live in the now, worry about the present rather than future. But sometimes it gets hard and I have an ‘episode’.

Do you find it hard to make concrete decisions in life with travel always on your mind?

Written by Ross French