Hogga’s Favorite Cities

By: Hogga

Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong
I know I’m a jerk for lumping two cities together, but these are on the same playing field for me. Both have bright lights and fast paced streets, although they are quite different in culture.


Honging Konging

The only downside is that Tokyo has an insane subway system that makes my anxiety sky rocket to the point of wanting to curl into a ball and urinate all over myself in a corner.

Lima, Peru
People are always astounded to hear that Lima is one of my favorite cities. Mostly because there’s not a whole ton of sites to see or things to do. It was my first solo destination on my year around the world, which causes it to have a special place in my black little heart.

I spent nights dancing until 8am and days napping in the grass overlooking the ocean. I may or may not have had sex on the bathroom floor there too.


Milford Sound

South Island, New Zealand
I don’t care if the ‘South Island’ isn’t a city, this is my list and I’ll write it the way I want! The reason I didn’t list any specific city is because the whole South Island of New Zealand is mind blowing. Sites like Milford Sound and drinking delicious wine in a vineyard excite me in ways that a naked fireman can’t.

Boston, USA
That’s right folks, the United States of America made this list. My sister lives in Boston so I’ve had the opportunity to visit the city a few times. It’s one of those destinations that has an ambiance/atmosphere to it. For me, Boston is warm and friendly with cute pubs and cobblestone streets. Don’t take my word for it, though. Plenty of others will assuredly agree with me that this is a great place to visit or even live. There are some great online resources if you’re looking for more information on Boston. You can easily rent a hotel or even book a flight to Boston with little to no effort or computer knowledge required. Just spend a few minutes finding the right travel plan for you needs and budget and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing this surprisingly friendly city for yourself. Everyone says Canadians are so friendly, but I find the people and vibe of Boston to be FAR more welcoming than Toronto.


Some Waterfall Near Liberia

Liberia, Costa Rica
Another crappy city, but if you make buddies with the right people there are a bunch of sexy-gems surrounding it. What are these gems you ask? For starters, gorgeous waterfalls and a blue river that will molest your eyes (in a good way). Liberia is also a 20 minute drive to one of my favorite beaches in the world and I’m not going to tell you where it is, because it’s my beach and I don’t like sharing.

My favorite spots around the world may not be the same for others, because everyone experiences a destination differently. The people you meet and things you do, plus your emotions at the time all play a big part in the make or break of a new city. But in general I’m like Jesus with boobs, so you should probably just do everything I tell you to.

Written by Ross French