Travel and work make surprisingly good bedfellows. Some people may not think the obligation that is employment would compliment something as carefree and devoid of commitment as travel are an ideal mix, but if you’re up for a change in your lifestyle or are keen to travel long, term, there a lot of opportunities out there. This hold especially true if you’re a native English speaker.

You might be surprised to learn there are a number of recruitment agencies out there – head hunters if you will – looking for English speaking individuals who can commit to working for a specified period of time (usually a year) in a different country. Many of these jobs may be in your field already and they will provide you with invaluable experience both for your professional development and growth as a person.

Below are a list of a few destinations to consider if you are in the mood to live somewhere else, make money and see a side of life most never do.



If you decide to move to Japan for work, know that you’re in for one of the most fascinating cultural shifts on Earth. Heavily involved in business of all kinds and always on the look out for English teachers, Japan has many employment opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Tokyo is your best bet for the widest range of opportunities – you can start there and then once your contract is complete move somewhere else for different work. Be sure to get out and see all those classical Japanese attractions, from sumo tournaments to fish auctions and electronics districts. Japan really does have it all.



Sometimes you forget Australia is an option because of how far away it is, but depending on the type of work you’re looking for, it might be right up your alley. Enjoying a boom in the natural resource industry, Australia as a destination is great for those looking for adventure while living in an English-speaking country far removed from home. Western Australia is your best bet for the resources while the cities of Sydney and Melbourne offer the cosmopolitan flavour that can serve the needs of the business minded.



The small Middle-Eastern country has a lot to offer those seeking employment if you can meet up with the right recruiters. A beautiful country with a rich and vibrant history, Kuwait has opportunities for educators and the business minded, often for multi-year contracts. Best of all, by being situated in Kuwait opens the door to exploration of other Middle-Eastern gems. Who knows, you may love it so much you may never leave!