It’s amazing how many people plan elaborate trips without any real consideration for what could go wrong. Nobody wants bad things to happen to them, but the funny thing about bad things is they can happen to anyone – they do not discriminate. Travel insurance is your best bet to protect you and your loved ones against the unexpected and ensure your vacation is the best one ever.

Here are the top five reasons to get travel insurance for your holiday!


cancunYou Never Know What Might Happen

The biggest reason to get insured is because you really never do know what can happen between the time you book your trip and when you depart. So many things can transpire that are completely out of your hands that may make travel impossible or necessitate a change in plans. It may seem like fear mongering, but the reality is it’s better to have something and not use it than to need it and not have it.


You Need to Cancel for Some Reason

Deaths in the family, personal injury or something else taking place prior to your departure may result in you having to cancel the big trip you’ve been planning for months. Maybe you’re needed at work and you need to switch your holidays or your parents suddenly take ill and you don’t want to be away in case something happens – taking the proper precautions can be a huge help during these situations.


Personal Safety

Travelling can be a dangerous business when you consider all the things that go on in the world on a daily basis. Some things are random and cannot be predicted while others are slow building and may erupt at any moment – like political or economic strife in popular travel destinations. If it’s not safe to visit and your country issues a travel advisory, you may be thankful you planned ahead!


Medical Issues

This is tied in with personal safety but has more to do with getting hurt while on vacation – which can cost you MUCH more than canceling your entire trip would. Be sure medical insurance is also included in your policy because nothing ruins a trip like a simple visit to a hospital in a foreign country.


Peace of Mind

If for no other reason, get it so you don’t have to worry about all the different things that could go on. There are certain traveling types that worry obsessively about every little thing and having a plan in place helps take the stress out of all the ‘what-if’ scenarios. Remember, a vacation should be about having fun!