Seeing Montreal with Le St. Martin

By Margyle

For generations there was only one city that put Canada on the map – one city that held all its culture, history, business and indeed, its heart. That city was Montreal. While times have changed, the allure and importance of Montreal remains, preserved in its old world charm and cosmopolitan flare. It truly is a one of a kind city that you can’t help but fall in love with from your first stroll along the St. Lawrence River or bite of a Montreal bagel.

View of Montreal from atop Mount Royal

View of Montreal from atop Mount Royal

Recently I was fortunate enough to enjoy the hospitality of Le St. Martin Particulier in Montreal and let me say it exceeded my expectations as a provider of accommodation and base for exploring the city itself. Located on Boul. de Maisonneuve in the heart of Montreal, Le St. Martin benefits from being close to most of the action of the city by foot – which really is the best way to see any urban centre.

Le St. Martin staff were exceedingly helpful, professional and welcoming, greeting me as if I were a long lost friend and ensuring I was at home in their hotel. Whether it was the concierge checking me in or the valet going out of his way to mark points of interest on a map and telling a first timer to Montreal the best things to see, I was thoroughly impressed by my experience. To be honest, I wasn’t used to this level of care in my travels but it was something I could definitely get used to!


Beautiful room – fantastic bed!

In terms of the room itself, it more than met my needs. From the incredibly comfortable king sized bed to large walk in shower and large television with ample English channels, it was hard to leave once my stay was over. The little details were appreciated, from the free coffee via your own personal Keurig machine to bottled water and fridge with mini bar. The only thing I found unusual about the layout of the room was the fact that the glass of the shower wall allowed you to see into the bathroom from the main room, but could be obscured by a sliding door. It wasn’t a problem at all, and architecturally it allowed for amenities that would’ve been otherwise difficult in a room that size, but it was unusual nonetheless.

As I mentioned before, a main selling point of Le St. Martin is its central location to Montreal’s highlights. Only a few minutes walk from such hotspots as the serene hiking spot of Mount Royal, prestigious McGill University’s fantastic campus and the shopping utopia of Rue St. Catherine, it’s great for taking in Montreal in a relatively short period of time. I had amazing weather when I was there, benefiting from a thunderstorm the day before killing the humidity, so I made the most of spending the day outside but was happy the hotel was close so I could head back for a little rest before tackling Old Montreal and the riverfront.

Old Montreal historical market being set up

Old Montreal historical market being set up

As is true of most old cities with a highly built up downtown core, parking is a bit of an issue and Montreal is no exception. Parking at Le St. Martin will cost you $29 a night as it is done by valet, but this isn’t unusual for anyone accustomed to paying for parking in any other city overnight where space is a premium and cars are a luxury. You can find slightly cheaper parking if you shop around, but for my own peace of mind, I prefer knowing my car is off the street and safe, making the extra cost a justifiable expense.

For those of you looking to see Montreal and make the most of either a short stay or a longer stay, I highly recommend checking out Le St. Martin Hotel. It’s a great value in its location, comfort and its courteous staff will make you feel right at home in this vibrant Canadian city.


While my stay with Le St. Martin Particulier was gratis, my opinions are my own.

Written by Ross French