4 Steps to Planning your first Motorcycle Tour

Most people who own a motorcycle think about doing a tour at one point or another, however many aren’t sure where to start.  Planning a motorcycle tour, like a car road trip, may seem challenging at first, yet with our handy tips you will be on your way sooner than you think!  Bikes at the ready, you’re just four steps away from a trip of a lifetime…

motorcycles_000003377758_magpie11-680x455Step 1 – Choose your Destination

There are dozens of companies out there that offer motorcycle tours, each of which gives you the opportunity to visit a range of countries.  Depending on your budget and the length you want your journey to be you can choose to travel across Europe, America, or even the UK.  When picking your destination look at blogs and forums where others describe their previous journeys, and see if there is something that catches your eye.  Or, if there is somewhere that you have been desperate to visit now is the time to organise getting there!

Step 2 – Who do you want to go with?

Motorcycle tour novices should be wary of heading off all by themselves, mainly because if something goes wrong you will be stuck in a very difficult situation!  The great thing about motorcycle tours is that you can choose the level of difficulty of the route, and there will always be a guide who will be more than happy to help.  Going with a group of people is also a great way to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts who can give you some valuable tips on your riding and motorbike maintenance.

Step 3 – Pack Properly!

No biker likes to be weighed down by luggage; however not packing properly can put a dampener on your entire tour.  If your route is taking you through the mountains you need to make sure you have base layers, gloves and even balaclavas packed with you, as the temperature can drop faster than you think.  On most tours you will also have the opportunity to stop off at hotels for meals and a rest, however you still need to bring some snacks with you to keep you going on those long journeys!

Step 4 – Get your Bike Ready

Motorcycle tours can be tiring not only for the rider but also for your bike, so before you head off on your adventure you need to make sure yours is in tip-top condition.  Firstly, make sure that your oil levels, drivetrain, tyres and brakes are all working properly, and then give your bike a good clean – with all the enthusiasts you will meet you want to make sure your ride looks its best!  Don’t forget to also make sure your motorbike insurance covers your trip, and that you have a tool kit with you in case you need to do any maintenance while on the road.

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Written by Ross French