Why Everyone Should Go Eat a Pecker

This guest post has been brought to you by: Chad Klyne at WithoutBordersChefs.com

One of my favourite things to do when I travel is exploring not only the cities or countries, but seeing what different types of food these places have on offer. Being a Chef by trade, the most exciting thing for me is discovering different foods that you would never and I mean NEVER find on a menu back home. And what better place to do this than Asia!


In this case we were in Malaysia, Penang to be exact. One of the so called food meccas of the world, how exciting! While strolling through the streets we stumbled across a man holding a one meter long bull penis complete with matching ginormous testicles. The funny thing about it was that he was dangling his schlong around trying to entice customers to try his specialty. Now I know everyone travels to gain new experiences but having a penis in my mouth was definitely not on the top of my bucket list.
Sorry to say that I was behind the camera at this particular feast but as you can see, my brother Clayton and I grew up in a family where we couldn’t leave the dinner table unless we finished everything off of our plate. Clayton didn’t seem to have a problem with lapping up everything in his bowl. It’s actually better than it looks and being on a budget, eating bull penis soup is cheap and can help you save some moula!

Top 5 reasons you should eat a schlong:

1)      When braised long enough, it is soft and gelatinous on the outside and quite chewy on the inside due to the cartilage         but makes a beautiful and rich stock.  
2)      Sicilians are widely known to eat dried bull’s penis as a cure for a hangover.

3)      In many Asian countries it is believed that eating a dick is the natural form of Viagra.
4)      Rooster testicles help women stay young and eating penises is good for your skin! (so they say…)
5)      One deer penis has the same potency as one bull penis.

Check out the video below to see this infamous soup!

Written by Ross French