Most travellers dream of experiencing the perfect European break: a magical place with extraordinary landscapes, magnificent pieces of art not forgetting the rich history and culture. Some great places to consider for an amazing European experience include:


France is a fairy tale land of remarkable gourmet meals, delicious wine, and excellent architecture. The art has inspired many not only rendering them speechless but also giving them sense satisfied contentment.

The capital of all things luxury, Paris and also lovers’ paradise is a major highlight of France will give you a whole new meaning of fashion and glamour not forgetting the culinary aspect.  There is a lot you can do on a family holiday in France: from skiing in the Alps in some of the world’s most luxurious ski resorts, biking along magnificent royal châteaux or experience wandering in the Hansel and Gretel villages that give you yet another dimension of France.

Many people love France so much that they buy a holiday home there. There are lots of French mobile homes for sale if you want to go down that route, though if you fancy something a bit fancier then a villa in the South of France might be to your liking.


Portugal is a place where a traveler’s quest is easily fulfilled, from its astonishing landscapes that opens from its magical coastline with gorgeous beaches to the charming countryside and the modern cities which still retain old fashioned hospitality. It is a place where you can step back in time and experience riding in ancient street trams in a modern city such as Lisbon, or spend some of the craziest nights of your life hopping from bars and night clubs some located in beautiful settings such as stunning river side’s. The countryside will cool you off from the heat of the cities with lush vineyards of the Duoro River valley and the mountains crowned with castles of past civilizations.

Stay in some of the most luxurious villas in Portugal like these for a fancy taste of the country, or try hopping from hostel to hostel along the coast if you don’t mind something a bit more rustic. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed by Portugal.


Rhythm and dance combine in harmony in Spain, the flamenco dancers do a great job in ensuring this. However, that is but the tip of what Spain has to offer. Tasty dishes can be found along the café lined plazas, if you love the outdoors Spain will be heaven for you as it is crisscrossed by mountain ranges that are ideal for biking or hiking and you can spend some time staying in any of the converted castles or monasteries to experience stepping back in time.  Spain is also packed with amazing historical sites, modern museums and beaches which are Spain’s most crucial hospitality asset. Some of the beaches are actually extensions to the cities you are visiting which makes it convenient to enjoy surfing in the morning and stroll through the city in the afternoon.


UK is a place of extraordinary experiences: landscapes and cultures vary from one town to the next and is well appreciated. The cities ooze with ancient architecture and cosmopolitan cultures while the countryside remains charming and tranquil. The highlands are enchanting whilst the coastline is alluring with sandy beaches and isles which hold ancient mysteries are awaiting your discovery.


Switzerland is home to the world’s most ancient democracies and also the place where Red Cross was first initiated. It is a place with extraordinary contrasts like the charm of rustic friendliness and the fascination of the high tech urban efficiency. In the Velvet Mountains you will experience the traditional charm of cowbell echoes while the city of Zurich will enchant you with its digital screens all things modern.