With The Click Of a Button…

Admit it. You’ve been fantasizing about your dream vacation again. Okay, you may not have the exact location picked out yet, but you know that it’s time to get away…and soon! Yes, the long (and chilly) winter season has finally started to wind down. That means there is no better time to start planning a trip you’ll remember all summer long.

Are you having trouble choosing the ideal spot? Then you’re in luck. Thomson has made it easier than ever to find the perfect place to getaway – and it’s all thanks to their interactive website, Holiday Open Day.

What Is Holiday Open Day?

Many of us have travel bucket lists that stretch on for pages and pages. That alone can make selecting the right destination seem impossible. Should you start at the top of the list and work your way down? Or is it smarter to think about what you actually want to do while you’re away?

If your travel to-do list is stressing you out, forget about it. Holiday Open Day can get rid of your anxiety in just a few clicks. The website focuses on selecting the perfect vacation destination for your current needs. How? By asking a number of questions about your dream vacation. From there, the site will give you your best options. That’s right, this is travel made easy!

How Does It Work?

Wondering how a website can help you pick your next vacation spot? Well, it’s easier than you think. The interactive page starts by asking you questions about your personal vacation preferences. For instance, do you want to bond with the family or get coupled up? Would you prefer a relaxing day at the spa or an activity? The beach or the pool? A cozy dinner or a buffet? The list goes on and on! Each of your answers is used to narrow down the search for your perfect getaway location.

Each time you make a decision, you will be treated to a point-of-view video clip. These web clips include everything from checking into your hotel room to sitting down for dinner. Why is this aspect of the site so important? It allows you to pause and really think about living your vacation. Suddenly, that fantasy switches from I need to get away to I am going to see the world…and nothing is going to stop me!

Getting Your Results

So, you’ve completed the questions. What now? Holiday Open Day will calculate your answers and give you the final results. You’ll find out what the most compatible destinations, resorts, and hotels are based on the choices you made throughout the interactive questionnaire. Whether you wanted long days of sightseeing or quiet days lounging poolside, one thing is certain: your decision will be easier than ever.

No more settling! This year, make sure your vacation gives you exactly what you want. That may be cocktails and sunsets or camel rides and water parks. It doesn’t matter! With Holiday Open Day you can find the perfect getaway spot…. whatever you’ve been dreaming about.