Travelling has changed. In years past, you went to a travel agent to book your flight and accommodations. Now that the Internet is everywhere, you can book it all yourself. However, many people still prefer to use a travel agent. If you’re not sure what the best choice is, here are the pros and cons of using a travel agent.


Pro: Travel Agents Can Offer Advice

Travel websites can be great resources. However, they can’t give you that personal one-on-one touch. One of the pros of using a travel agent is that they can give you helpful advice. Want to know the best time to travel? How about resorts with great reputations? Or even how early you should book certain attractions or tours? Ask a travel agent! They have experience booking trips and knowing what their clients will enjoy most. If you need advice or even help choosing a destination, head into your nearest travel agency.

Con: Travel Agents Charge a Fee

Unlike booking online, if you go to a travel agent, you’ll be paying an extra fee. While using a travel agent has many perks, this is certainly one of the biggest drawbacks. When booking an international flight with an agent, you may be charged an extra couple of hundred dollars. The fee totally depends on the travel agency, so be aware before you book anything. If you are okay spending the extra money for the added convenience, then a travel agent may be worth it. If not, look online and get booking!

Pro: Travel Agents Can Help You Get Great Deals

Travel agents have connections. They interact with airlines and resorts all day long. That means they can use their relationship with certain businesses to get you great deals on flights, hotels, or cruises. Since vacation expenses can add up pretty quickly, saving money is a definite plus. Speak to a travel agent about any discounted rates, offers, or specials they may be able to help you get for your next trip.

Con: Travel Agents Work On Commission

Know those great deals that travel agents can get? Well, they may not necessarily be willing to give them to you. The reality is that many agents work on commission. That means that the more you spend on your trip, the more they make. That’s why you’ll need to find a travel agent that you can trust. Ask around to family and friends and get some recommendations. That way you’ll be sure you are using a travel agent that puts your interests first.

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of using a travel agent, one question remains: should you book your next trip on your own or turn to the professionals? The answer is up to you! It all depends on how complicated your trip itinerary is, how much grunt work you are willing to put in yourself, and of course, your budgetary concerns. Consider both the pros and cons. You’ll be one step closer to making a decision that works for you.