i310_mainWith its stunning countryside and long stretches of coastline lined with charming villages, Ireland is the perfect place to explore by car. One of the great things about discovering Ireland by car is that visitors will be able to travel at their own pace and stop wherever they choose to take a closer look at attractions such as ancient castles and historical towns. Here are some of the highlights you will not want to miss.

County Kerry

This lush undulating countryside of this part of Ireland is just waiting to be explored by nature lovers. Motorists will want to make sure that they take the time to check out the charming town of Killarney, which is home to a large number of impressive attractions. The ring of Kerry drive is particularly enchanting and will lead visitors to the fishing village of Dingle, where the pace of life is very slow and gentle.

Central Ireland

Visitors who want to get to know the interior of Ireland can use the impressive city of Dublin as a base. Wicklow Hills can be found just to the south of the city and makes the perfect daytrip destination, while drivers who head west will be able to take a trip along the coasts to Connemara. Other highlights of this richly diverse region of Ireland include the Cliffs of Moher, several pristine lakes, gently flowing canals and silver streams.

Northern Ireland

Head across the border to discover the diverse culture and history of Northern Ireland. Nature lovers will want to head straight to the Kingdoms of Down, which is an ancient area that is famous for its stunning beauty. Just a short drive away is the vibrant city of Armagh, while Fermanagh Lake is the perfect place to pause to take part in a range of water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. No trip to Northern Ireland would be complete without visiting the Giant’s Causeway, before taking an hour’s drive along the rugged coastline to take a break in the city of Belfast.

Aran Islands

This collection of three islands offer an insight into the diverse culture and natural beauty of Ireland. Many of the people who reside on the islands of Inishmaan, Inishmor and Inisheer wear traditional Aran clothing and still speak the Irish dialect in its original form.


This wild region can be found to the northwest of Galway and is scattered with enchanting natural attractions such as deep valleys, lakes, mountains and bogs. Remote cottages mark the landscape, while the vast coastal areas are marked with dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches.

One of the great things about Ireland is that the roads are in excellent condition and there are plenty of spots to stop and soak up the scenery. Whether you are planning to hire a car in Ireland or drive your own vehicle, you will want to make sure that you take out car hire excess insurance. This will make sure that you are fully protected for the duration of your road trip.