On our ‘to do list’ is definitely Niagara Falls, so we sat down the other day and started to plan our trip. We know we are only likely to go once as a family, so it is a trip that we are especially keen to get right.

Where to stay

The first decision is where to stay. Currently, we think we will be staying in the Niagara Falls hotel in Canada.  Our decision to stay on the Canadian side is influenced by the fact we want to spend some time in Canada and experience the culture, but, for us, the deal clincher is definitely the spectacular views this particular hotel offers.

Not only do the rooms have views of the falls the restaurant does as well. There is a spa, sundeck and pool, so we know everyone will be kept busy and happy when we are not out and about.

The hotel is also in a good location. Not only is it close to the falls it is also close to many of the other attractions.

Seeing the falls

There are several ways to enjoy the Niagara Falls. Some like the helicopter tour, we would love to do, but they are outside of our budget. However, there are plenty of other fun ways to see the falls.

The great thing is that you can get really up close. It is ok seeing the falls from a distance and makes for some spectacular photos, but if you want to experience the power of the falls, you need to get up close.

We plan to see the falls from below by taking a boat trip. This will probably be with Hornblower Cruises, which takes you past Rainbow Bridge and right into the curve of the Horseshoe Falls.

I cannot wait to take those photos. Rainbow Bridge is so named because you regularly see beautiful rainbows near it. Later we will take the walking tour and see the falls from the bridge itself, which literally enables you to walk along the edge of the falls.

Last, but by no means least is seeing the falls from the air. For this, we will probably go with the cable car option. We all love cable cars.

A little art

Naturally, I cannot go to Niagara without visiting The Niagara Falls Art Gallery. It is home to the William Kurelek Art Collection.

The collection also includes works of art dating back to the 1700s. It supports community art, especially art for children, so for us this is the perfect art gallery.

More visual fun

Another visual attraction that interests me is the XD Theatre. It is a 4D theatre, which means 3D films with the fourth dimension being provided by seats that move, spray you with water and release appropriate smells. I am curious to see how realistic the experience feels.

If we have any time, we can also experience Safari Niagara and Marineland. Safari Niagara is home to 400 different animals, plenty of inspiration. Exactly when we will make the trip is not clear, but when we do decide to go we have a plan, so will be ready to book everything in advance. Something that is essential in a busy place like the Niagara Falls, which attracts over 12 million visitors per year.