So you’re visiting London then? Maybe it’s a business trip or maybe just here because you wanted to see the city. Whatever be the reasons, London has plenty of beauty to charm you. But as is the case with any new place, London can be a daunting place as well. Park Grand London Lancaster Gate is the perfect accommodation you can have while in the city. Why? Read on…

The Park Grand

Park Grand is located in one of the most refined residential areas of London. The rooms come with all modern amenities like high speed broadband Internet with Wi-Fi, telephone with voicemail, suite bathroom with rain showers and a modern media hub. Restaurants serve either full English food or continental and that is complimented with a well-stocked bar which also serves snacks. There is also 24 hours concierge service and Club Rooms with access to a modern lounge and extra amenities. Apart from this, there are also adjacent to enjoy a leisurely stroll after a meal or in the afternoon. True to British tradition, each room also has facilities to make tea or coffee. While the hotel is the perfect place to rest and dine, you might want to visit the nearby places that have some excellent sights in store.

Attractions nearby Craven Hill

Craven Hill is centrally located in mid-London and provides excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. No surprise it is one very popular with tourists. Some popular attractions close to Craven Hill are:

Art Work Space: At the Hemptel Hotel, it is an art gallery with works in various mediums. The place is very popular with corporates for meetings and seminars. A product launch or fashion show for your business – this is the place where you must go!

Serpentine Gallery and Boating Lake: Between Hyde park and Kensington Gardens, it is an excellent venue which showcases talents from Britain. Summer calls for a summer party and is hit among the social circles. Reckoned artists are given space to create temporary structures to showcase their creativity. The boating lake has row boats and pedalos for hire and also has refreshment stalls. It is the perfect place for a lazy afternoon with the family!
Princess Dianna Memorial Fountain: Carved from Cornish Granite, the water flows along the contours and it blends perfectly with the landscape. However there were certain controversies surrounding it as the granite initially was too slippery on rain and hence had to be fixed.

Princess of Wales Playground: This commemorative playground features a finely designed pirate ship in midst of white sand. There are fountains adorned with rocky outcrops and a Red Indian Teepee camp. Summer means a various number of programmes scheduled in the park to everyone entertained.

With these many attractions, Craven Hill is a place you would surely enjoy and is perfect for some leisure time with your friends or family.

Featured Courtesy of Tim Green aka atoach under cc license