If you travel a lot and frequently stay in hotels, it can be frustrating when you try to find the perfect accommodation experience. Sometimes it seems that even if you’re paying top dollar for a quality establishment, you can still end up with something that is, in one respect or another, substandard. Here are a few key features to look out for in your quest for perfection when it comes to finding that exclusive, luxury hotel.



Let’s take it as read that your luxury hotel room has a comfortable and sizable bed, and consider what other amenities you might think essential – a desk with a chair (at a suitable height), for instance, plus some cozy armchairs and a coffee table in a separate, less formal seating area, preferably in a room with an outstanding view so that you can entertain and be entertained in comfort and style. An accessible ice-making machine for cocktails and other drinks is an imperative, as is quality room service for those occasions when you might just want to take a break from the formal dining areas.

Light and noise

A wonderful bedroom is only as good as its environment, and you need to be able to control light and noise in order to get a good night’s sleep. Ask about (and avoid) rooms that are close to noisy generators or kitchen extractor fans, and instead choose those that have amazing interior plantation shutters. Shutters will help you control precisely how much light enters your room as well as the level of noise that can penetrate it.


Very few hostels, small hotels and guesthouses charge for internet access these days, and there’s no excuse for upscale hotels that are still trying to do so. Fast, high-speed Wi-Fi access should be standard in an establishment that claims to offer a luxury experience. This is not because you want to work on vacation, necessarily, but because you might want to keep in touch with friends and family. Add to this a sufficient number of conveniently placed power outlets for charging your devices, a TV that has the kind of channels you want, plus a decent hairdryer next to a mirror and a chair, and you will know that the hotel has got the technology right.

All things bathroom

If you’re happy with the provisions for technology, comfort, light and noise control, how is your bathroom measuring up? While the wet room has been fashionable lately, it must be said that the traditional bath – and particularly the spa version – remains at the pinnacle of many people’s visions of luxury bathrooms. Of course, with this comes the obligatory great quality complimentary bathrobes and as many huge, fluffy towels as you can imagine.

Some luxury hotels trade on the reputation of their classic architectural designs, plus amenities such as fitness rooms and pools, which are attractive to some people. Above all, however, impeccable cleanliness and exquisite levels of service are the hallmarks of a great luxury hotel experience.