Many people often consider a trip to Hawaii for their own relaxation or celebration, but most have no idea what constitutes the state of “Hawaii”. Rather than being one simple location, the Hawaiian Islands are comprised of eight individual islands, each with a unique story and experience to tell and provide. Travelers often decide to visit one island or another – even though traveling between multiple islands is fairly easy – due to cost concerns. If you have a particular set of interests that you want to explore while on vacation and can only visit one island, then you’ll want to be sure to make the right choice. Below, we’ve put together some information to help you pick the best Hawaiian island for your next vacation.



The least-visited of the eight islands, Kauai is settled in the far western portion of the island chain. A combination of historical stigma (sick people were often quarantined here) and its isolation mean that many never hear about it or visit it. However, nature lovers and those who really want peace and quiet will find this island to be above and beyond the rest. A variety of top-notch luxury resorts and spas exist here, such as the Koloa Landing at Poipu, which give travelers a break from the realities of nature that exist throughout the untamed jungle. A combination of beautiful beaches, pristine mountains and plenty of consumer shopping experiences around Poipu villa ensure you won’t go without, but nature lovers will find the beauty and untamed nature of the island to be its big overall draw.


Relatively small and easy to traverse, Oahu is home to the biggest city in Hawaii, Honolulu. It is here that the major urban metropolis gives travelers access to everything their hearts could want to do on the island. From a bustling night-life and entertainment scene to plenty of first-class hotels, Oahu has it all. If you do wish to travel to multiple islands, then Oahu is the best place from which to visit them, as it is the major hub for all Hawaiian traffic. Whether your vacation is a budget one or a luxurious one, Oahu will definitely provide a solution for any and all travelers.


A great place for explorers, Maui is the second-largest island by geography in the Hawaiian Islands. With plenty of mountains and curvy roads, explorers will be able to rent a car or truck in order to explore the diverse geography of the island for days on end. An expensive island to stay on, most who visit the island long-term will need to be prepared to stay in luxury accommodations. For local foods, Maui has among the best selections to be found anywhere in the islands.


“The Big Island” as it is often called, the main island of Hawaii is the largest in terms of geography and second-largest in population. Many active volcanoes can be seen and explored on this island, making it a prime destination for those who want to witness the terrifying aspects of nature. Horseback riding, fishing, kayaking and other activities within and around the massive national parks situated here make it a great destination for those who love the outdoors, but its wide selection of restaurants and art galleries – comparable to Poipu villa in Kauai – provide it with a sense of culture often missed on the other islands.