Chile is one of the rare places where the wilderness is untouched by the human hand. It is, in many ways, Nature at its finest and most exquisite. In this article we take a look at some of the things that one can do in Chile that can pander to both the adventurous sensibilities of some as well as the soulful nature of travelers.Travelling to Chile

Reasons to Visit Chile

There are a number of places that one can visit in Chile. Each of these spaces caters to a very particular audience and comes with its own set of adventures. Some of the things that people travelling to Chile could attempt to do are:

1. Cope America: For all those travelling to Chile in 2015, you can get your Copa America Final 2015 tickets at a relevant station in the country. This is because Chile has been chosen this year to host the Copa America Finals on July 4th at 5:00 pm at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago de Chile. As many die hard fans would be aware, the Copa America Championship is the most prestigious football league in South America. Since Chile is the host of the event this year, visitors will be able to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled and widely renowned game of football.

2. Easter Island: One of the most mystical places on the Earth, the Easter Islands are known for their stone monoliths and are a favourite haunt of those who are looking for a quiet time away from the hustle of the city.

3. Valle Nevado: Those who are visiting Santiago for the Copa America game can also take the time out to visit the Valle Nevado. This is a place that has 7000 hectares of skiable land and has been viewed by many as the premier destination for adventure sports. It also boasts of the best resorts in Santiago as well as an adventurous running trail.

4. Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello- Nalcas: Just north of the town of Malalcahuello lies the Reserva Nacional Park. It is one of the most dramatic geographies of Sur Chico and houses a charcoal landscape of dust and ash. A two hour hike from the park leads tourists to the Crater Navidad that has a similar desolate landscape with red sand and stone. The entire area, though not as challenging for hikers as the Valle Nevado presents one of the most unique landscapes in all of Chile.

5. El Tatio Geysers: Surrounded by volcanoes and over 80 geysers with a hundred gassy fumaroles, the El Tatio area is a must visit during a stay at Chile. Visiting the third largest geyser field at 6 in the morning promises to be an unforgettable experience for travellers.

Closing Thoughts:

Travelling to Chile can be one of the most adventurous ideas that one can come up with. Not only is the country less travelled, but it also boasts of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. For those travelling in the year 2015, scheduling a trip to this country in the month of July will prove to be additionally advantageous due to the Copa America football Finals being hosted here. All in all, Chile promises to be an adventure of a memorable kind.

Image by Dimitry B under creative common license