A UK based online travel agency has looked into the fantasies of British holiday makers. It was found that 32% – 1 in 3 – Brits want to go skinny dipping with their partner. Additionally, 30% would like to be in a resort that is filled with celebrities.

UK based online travel agency Sunshine.co.uk has recently completed a piece of research into the habits and preferences of British holiday makers. For this specific study, 2,437 people in the UK were questioned, all of whom were over the age of 18 and who had been on a holiday abroad in the past year. Questions were asked about their trip and what their main holiday fantasies were.


In the top 10 list of activities were such things as horseback riding on the beach at sunset, hanging out with huge celebrities and skinny dipping. These are things Britons hope will happen as they wait to go on their holiday abroad.
The first question posed was ‘What do you get most excited about when you think about going on a holiday abroad?’

The most common responses were:

• Relaxing, in 31% of cases

• Meeting new people, in 27% of cases

• Exploring a new destination, in 25% of cases

In a second question, people were asked how often they would fantasise about their holiday between actually making their booking and actually setting off for their trip. The two most common responses were:

• Once or twice a week, stated in 53% of cases

• Daily, stated in 24% of cases

Next, all respondents were asked to reveal their top fantasies about their holidays. They were provided with a number of possibilities for their fantasies, and they were allowed to choose more than one option. From 10 to 1, the top fantasies were revealed to be:

10. Receiving an automatic upgrade at the airport or hotel in 8% of cases.

9. Being saved by a beautiful or handsome lifeguard in 11% of cases.

8. Making love on a beach in 14% of cases

7. Having a romantic dinner by candlelight on a secluded beach in 15% of cases.

6. Meeting a beautiful or handsome stranger for a holiday romance in 17% of cases.

5. Having no arguments with family members for the duration of the holiday in 19% of cases.

4. Joining the ‘Mile High Club’ in 20% of cases.

3. Going horseback riding at sunset on a beach in 26% of cases.

2. Ending up in a resort with famous people in 30% of cases.

1. Going skinny dipping with lover or partner in 32% of cases.

The research also revealed that 23% had their fantasies come true at a previous holiday. Interestingly, 57% of those who said this were female.

Additionally, 39% of those queried stated that their fantasies were inspired by movies and films. Also, 20% were inspired by books that they had read.

Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, Chris Clarkson, stated that:

“It’s interesting to hear some of the top holiday fantasies that Britons have, and to see some less risqué answers in the list like getting through a holiday without family arguments. It’s sad that this is something that is on Britons’ minds when they go away on holiday with loved ones, as it’s a time when everyone should get on.

“I suppose skinny dipping is one of those situations, similar to joining the mile high club, that is a bit taboo. A lot of people have no doubt thought about doing it, but if it came to the crunch, would they actually do it, or would the fear of being caught, having your clothes stolen, or finding yourself sharing the water with something put them off?”