Historic Places You Need to Visit to Experience Lower East Side in All its Glory

The Lower East Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan that exudes an eerie charm. Gritty alleyways, intriguing spaces, and all kinds of entertainment, all adds up to give this place an artful appearance. A diverse and historic neighborhood, The Lower East End offers ample options for visitors. From cafes to historic buildings, it has it all!

Finding entertainment in the many neighborhoods of Manhattan is not a problem. You will come across some that are too busy during the day, and at night, signs of life on the streets are all but non-existent. However The Lower East Side in stark contrast, offers the best of both worlds. During the day time, you can explore contemporary galleries and museums, chic boutiques, and vibrant markets. After dusk you can indulge in the neighborhood’s finest restaurants and afterwards enjoy a session of live music complete with a follow up of drinks at the local clubs and bars.

The neighborhood is termed one of the oldest in New York, and it an area that houses people from a diverse range of ethnicities for the most part young university students,artists and performers.

Historically people of Jewish descent were the relative majority here, but every year, more immigrants from around the globe moved to this neighborhood. Bengali, German, Latin American, Irish, Italian, and Polish communities have established a strong base here, with Japanese and Chinese communities springing up more recently. Visiting the delis restaurants and shops here, this mix in cultures is obvious to see.

So, if you have been on the lookout for Lower East Side vacation places, you have made the right choice by including this neighborhood in your vacation itinerary. From classic townhouses to stylish apartments, this part of Manhattan has a number of attractive accommodation options for you! Let’s take a look at two historic places you absolutely must visit when in town.

Stanton Street Shul

This is an intimate, vibrant, and historic orthodox Jewish congregation that serves the community The building attracts diverse people from cultural, educational, and religious backgrounds from not onlythe Lower East Side but other neighborhoods like TriBeCa, the West Village and Stuyvesant Town to name a few.

Built in the year 1913, the main aim of the services held in this historic building is to give hope to others. The rabbis spend hours dedicated to community support of all ethnicities and the beautiful architecture and historical significance is not to be missed when seeing the sights in the city

The Tenement Museum

This museum interprets, displays, and preserves the immigration history of Lower East End by sharing and showcasing the personal experiences of the generations that made the epic trip to America leaving their homelands for the promise of a better life in the new world or to escape persecution . You will see portraits that depict the fashion of the old times in New York, paintings of famous people of that time, and incredibly preserved artifacts and room layouts that highlight living conditions that have and continue to play an important role in the evolving history of America.

Written by Ross French